Thursday, March 26, 2009

Go cougars!

Brennen is on the track team again this year. He runs the 200 and the 400.
We are proud of him!
I thought I would add a few photos from last week's track meet.
If the weather doesn't get bad this afternoon, they will have their 2nd track meet today.

Go Cougars!!

{Thrilled that dad is taking his picture!}

{Always talking to the girls!}

{Carsen and Brennen}

{Some of the team being silly ..Brennen is on the bottom right side}

{Just havin' fun!}

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Oh, you'll eat it...and like it!

Ok, my silly Lunden and her friend Samantha
shared this You Tube video during one of their sleepova's.
I thought it was hilarious.
We still talk about this and randomly start talking about the different
kinds of muffins.
I must share it.....

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Cute LDS commercial

I don't know how "new" this commercial is. My sister in law sent this to me the other day. It's so cute.

I miss seeing LDS commercials on a daily basis.


Saturday, March 21, 2009

twilight release party!

Last night and into the wee hours of the morning we were at the mall for a...


Lundens friend Samantha spent the night last night
but at 10:00 pm we headed to the mall ( Hot Topic) along with Sam's mom for a girl's night out ...

A mom does what she can! ;D


{We actually got in line fairly early but this is what it looked like behind us a little bit later...}

{And in front of us}

{ while waiting in line we noticed some rather ugly earrings at Claires. Hey, we were bored!}

The ugly earrings. I thought they looked like a ball of yarn!

The girl's called them " the balls of ugliness" lol


It was finally our turn to go inside the store. They let about 15 people in the store at one time because the store isn't that big. They played a trivia game with everyone but a few of the girl's were a little more aggressive in raising their hands to be noticed. They gave away some cool posters and we did a little shopping. Lunden got a baseball t-shirt ( baseball scene) and some magnents for her fridge and some black high top converse that she has been wanting.Nothing to do with Twilight but hey, they were cheaper than anywhere else we had been looking!

I bought the girl's these t-shirts on Wednesday
We suprised Samantha with her shirt when we took it to her house. She was so excited!

{One of the prizes for winning trivia. I think I can make these!}

{getting ready to put the dvd's out!}

After we were done shopping the girls wanted to give Edward a kiss. Samantha was too short so they were having to pull the cut out forward. It was funny. Of course, they were a little embarassed because they were doing this in front of everyone. So, it didn't work out as good as they would have hoped. lol

They had a signed copy of the book. A prize for the drawing which will happen on Monday! We made sure to fill out a bunch of forms in everyones name. It would be awsome to have the girls win something! Other prizes include a lifesize cutout of Edward. If Lunden doesn't win that, I will have to buy her one online. We have already been looking! lol

Lucky for us, someone here in Columbia ( they do a lot of filming in the Carolinas) knew someone in Hollywood and those connections brought actual costumes from the movie to the release party. There was a guard watching over actual costumes. It was pretty cool! {Bella's dress}

{Edward's jacket}


They had face painting going on once you were done with shopping in the store. They had a few things to choose from but the girl's liked the apple. Lunden got an "E" for Edward and Samantha got "EM C" for Emmett.


At midnight, they let everyone line back up to get their dvd's. I had preordered it. Double disc, film cell included. They were SO excited!!!

I think we arrived home around 1:30 am and the girl's went straight to Lunden's room to watch the movie!

It was a wonderful time and I was glad to do it for the girl's!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy 14 months on St. Patrick's Day Emmy!


Emersyn continues to be the little joy in our lives.

She is doing more and more all the time but she isn't walking yet.
She is really cute and pushes her toys all over the house.
She is really fast at walking along the furniture.
Emersyn is 26 pounds
Some cute things she is saying/doing:
"Amen" (after everyone says their prayers)
"Shhh" ( uses her finger at her lips)
"Night Night"
" Bye Bye" ( to everyone)
Squints her eyes ( her face she makes)
"I la buh" ( I love you )
She LOVES High School Musical 3
She fusses and points to her tv screen in the car so we will turn it on for her
Throws a ball/toy
Draws on paper
She has found her voice and squeals alot.
Emersyn's personality shines through more and more everyday.
She is just precious and we love her so much!
Video of
Emersyn dancing and pushing her toy
{sorry it's sideways}

Saturday, March 14, 2009

The Greatest Show On Earth!

Last night we went to the ...
Ringling Bros and Barnum and Bailey circus

(It truly is the only circus worth going to.)

I knew when I saw that the circus was coming to town that we had to go!
I have fond memories going with my family to this circus.
It is something everyone should experience, I think!
I took Lunden and Brennen to a circus when they were 2
but it wasn't the Ringling Bros and they don't remember it.
It was time for all the kids to experience this.
Even Ben hadn't been to the circus!!!!

Naturally, they have all sorts of souveniers and crap to buy.

It is all over priced but you HAVE to do it for the kids!

Carsen picked out cool light up sunglasses

Logan got his sword

And we got some cotton candy that came with a cute whimsical hat.

Obviously it didn't fit Emersyn! =)

{The opening act}

{The boys are really into it}

{Carsen said his favorite was the tigers!}

{ The elephants are so sweet }

Emersyn was enjoying the whole thing. She stayed awake the whole time and it didn't get over until 9:30 pm.
I will have to post some videos of the night.
She clapped and sang and danced and waved her hands around. So cute!
Logan says he liked the "knights on the horses" who did tricks.
Brennen liked the elephants and the chinese acrobats.
Lunden liked the acrobats.
I just enjoyed everything about the whole experience.
I really liked the "clowns" that don't really look like clowns anymore these days.
Maybe it's so they don't scare the kids. lol
It was just super fun watching the kids enjoy it!
That is what it's all about.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Random Wheeler happenings

I thought it would be easier to just add a post for the whole week.

Earlier in the week I captured Emersyn sittin up here on the hearth.

She came into the sun room and got herself up there.

So, I snuck up on her to take this picture.

She was so proud of herself.

Now, she does this all the time and I have to watch her so she doesn't fall off.

The little stinker.

These are Emersyn's favorite cabinets to get into. Love her leg warmers? lol

Logan learned how to snap his fingers.

I think I have mentioned this before but Emmy loves sunglasses. I absolutely love her little blouse. I get compliments on it everywhere we go. She has a brown one too. Guess where I got them? Target!

Once in awhile I find really cute stuff at Target for her. I think it looks like it came from a boutique.

Emersyn was really into this book. She loves when we read to her. She was so into it that she didn't care that I was standing over her taking a picture.

Lunden had her friend Samantha over all weekend. She has no siblings so we offered to let her stay here with us while her parent's went to Charleston ( where they are from).

She survived a whole weekend with our perpetually loud and goofy family of 7!

Other family news...

Brennen is running track but they don't have their first meet until next week.

Both Lunden and Brennen have been busy with projects and testing at school.

I have been spring cleaning like crazy. Out with the old on with the new!

We haven't heard anything new about moving to Plano Texas yet. Ben thinks we should hear something before the end of the month. I sure hope so! If we are moving, great. If not, I want to finish getting this house in order and paint, etc.

We are going to be taking the kids to the Ringling Bros circus tomorrow night. Pictures to follow!

That's about all for now.

Keep in touch!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

A Birthday Jig

Ben was singing happy birthday to me and I was able to capture the end of Emersyn

dancing to the song. She even stands all by herself for a moment.

This is the best present I could ever get!


Wednesday, March 4, 2009

38 random thing's about April

Since it is my birthday tomorrow ( turning 38 )....
I thought it would be fun to delve into the depths of my memory and make a list of 38 random thing's about my life so far....
1. I was born in California
2. When I was growing up, my favorite thing to do was roller skate.
3. I also took ice skating lessons
4. I lived in Northern Italy for 2 years during high school.
5. I was Senior homecoming princess
6. I have one sister and my parents have been married for 39 years
7. I have always been very shy when it comes to being in front of large crowds
8. I have driven across the United States (and back) 6 times
9. my first ever kiss was in 8th grade. A boy in our ward walked me home from school.
10. I was a cheerleader
11. I broke my right wrist when I was 14 when I wanted to roller skate so badly on a cold but sunny day in Utah and I went to do a jump and came down on a patch of ice.
12. I went on a BYU pioneer trail/camp for a week. Rough stuff!
13. My favorite beach has been and will always be Coronado Island, Ca.
14. I have loved working out since I was 14
15. I had my twins when I was 23
16. I had my last baby when I was 37
17. I was sealed in the Salt Lake Temple (1992)
18. I've been through a divorce ( rough stuff, don't recomend it )
19. I have no living Grandparent's
20. I have been to the leaning tower of Pisa
21. I have been on the Sound of Music tour in Austria
22. I have been to Venice Italy 2o times but never rode a gondola (how is that possible?)
23. I have swam in the Mediterranean ocean
24. I have swam in the Adriatic sea
25. I have seen the "Last Supper" in Milan
26. I got married ( the first time) when I was almost 21
27. I met Ben when I was 18
28. I can tan very easily ( just call me Aunt Jamima)
29. I have never colored my hair
30. I have never used foundation/base make-up
31. Children singing ( especially Primary) always brings me to tears
32. I love to give
33. I want to own my own bake shop
34. I would be at the gym 3 hours a day if I could
35. I didn't get my driver's license until I was 18 ( you cant drive in Italy until you are 18)
36. I love thunderstorms
37. I know 4 other people that have the same birthday as me. Two are in my ward and two I went to school with.
38. I love that my life hasnt been stagnant.
After 38 years...I have much to look back on!
I just sat here thinking about my life and all that I have experienced.
Good, bad or indifferent my life has been awsome!
In my 38 years of life I have seen more and experienced more than most people do in a lifetime. For that, I am truly greatful.
I want to say "thank you" to my Mom for my early birthday gifts!
I also can't wait to go to N.C. this weekend and go to Buca. My favorite italian restraunt!
I will try to post some old/new photos and more birthday info soon!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

A little child shall lead them

"During the Galilean ministry of our Lord and Savior, the disciples came unto Him, saying,
“Who is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven?
“And Jesus called a little child unto him, and set him in the midst of them,
“And said, Verily I say unto you, Except ye be converted, and become as little children, ye shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven.
“Whosoever therefore shall humble himself as this little child, the same is greatest in the kingdom of heaven.
“And whoso shall receive one such little child in my name receiveth me."
I ended up coming to Sacrament meeting a half hour late because Emersyn was still napping when it was time to leave for church. I am not a big fan of waking babies up an hour in to a nap!
So, when we got there it was just about time for testimonies to start.
I guess Ben had been "urging" the kids to all take a turn sharing their testimony.
Logan said he wanted to go up.
Ben took him up to the stand to sit and wait their turn.
Ben told me ( later) that when Logan sat down to wait he told Ben
" I want to sit down here and prepare"!
SO precious!
Logan say's the cutest "one liners" all the time!
Once he got up to the microphone he started to say " Heavenly Father" so, I think he thought he was supposed to say a prayer.
When Ben tried to help him he said, " no I don't need help" and then he got a little bit of attitude and said, " I don't want to do it".
Ben shared his testimony and then they came and sat down.
I was SO proud of Logan to even walk up there and stand at the microphone. He was very brave.
It reminded me of how each of us are to "be as little children". I never doubt why our Heavenly Father wants us to be as they are.