Monday, August 25, 2008

Back to school!

Carsen sitting at his desk! He is such a big boy!

Carsen started Kindergarten ( ALL DAY!) His teacher is Mrs. Drozd and she is super great!

After his first day of school he came home really quiet. I was so excited and wanted to hear about his day but he just looked at me like " I can't believe you left me there ALL day!". lol

I finally got him to talk by asking " what was your favorite part of school today?" and he said, "nap time!".

Saturday, August 16, 2008

I think I am gonna get Rita to manage this

For some reason I just can't seem to figure this whole Blogger thing out. It's so much different than what I am used to on myspace. I think I am gonna pay Rita to design a blog for the fam! I have seen some other blogs and they are pretty great looking!

Anyways, all is well here. My Carsen starts Kindergarten next Wednesday and my twinners will be 8th graders. Can't believe it!
It will just be me and Logan and Emmy at home all day together! We are gonna spend are days at the zoo, I think. ;)

Emmy will be 7 months tomorrow. She is truly a gift! I just love being with her all day and when she goes down for a nap or bedtime I can't stand to not see her sweet face and her little chirps and squeels that she makes. She is precious.
Each one of my children are so special and bring something unique into this crazy family of ours.
Each day is such a gift with them. I do not take it for granted!

It looks like we will still be moving to Dallas Texas. Paperwork has begun for Ben's job. We arent sure if we will be IN Texas come January or we will be able to put the house on the market come the first of the year. It's all still a little up in the air. I am excited about it though!

I just thought I would catch everyone up....until next time!! Smooches!