Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The annual trek

Well, we made our annual trek up to Big Bear.
We take lot's of pictures, play in the leaves, enjoy the cooler day, window shop,
eat lunch and have ice cream at our favorite little treat shop at
Big Bear Village.
I even  took the kids over to Snow summit and we rode the
"Scenic sky chair"
(Aka ski lift)
I had done this in Park City over the summer and I LOVED it!
True, I had a death grip on the bar in front of me because we kept
going higher....and higher
 but I loved the company, the view, the peace and quiet
and breathing in the fresh pine/mountain air.
I thought the kids would get a kick out of it too.
And they did!
Get ready for a photo explosion!




































Until next time...
“Change has a considerable psychological impact on the human mind. To the fearful it is threatening because it means that things may get worse. To the hopeful it is encouraging because things may get better. To the confident it is inspiring because the challenge exists to make things better.”

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Fall Break


Hi All!
Yeah, this baseball cap (given to me by my love) is my way to support my new favorite team.
I've been converted to Cardinal Nation.
I might as well. I know more about the Cards than any other team.

I tried to be a Dodger fan. Then at a Dodger game not too long ago I
witnessed how horrible the fans are to opposing team fans.
I was disgusted.
 I tried to be an Angel fan ( still trying to represent Cali)
but wasn't feelin' it. 
I am now and forever more a ST. Louis Cardinals fan!
Hoping they make it to the World Series..again!

Interesting facts:
-My favorite OLD movie is 'Meet me in ST. Louis'

-My boyfriend looks like and is mistaken for Chris Carpenter #29 all the time


See the resemblence?
-And my favorite bird has always been the Red Cardinal
(so cute and bright and chubby)

It was inevitable!

Ok, sorry to bore you with baseball stuff....
So, we've had a fun October thus far.
Logan's class had an outdoor activity so we went to that.
It was chilly and windy but I got a bunch of great photos.

Also, the kid's had their fall break so we went on a road trip to Utah and had a blast!
Both my love, Rodney and his family and my Aunt Mary took very good care of us.
Thank you so much for all  you do for us!

Per usual, I ALWAYS have photos to share!

{Emersyn being cute and stuff} 

 {Carsen trying hard not to smile}

{My Carsen} 

{She is just as precious as can be}

 {I love watching my kid's love one another}

 {My Lunden and the flashlight}

 {Posing again}

 {All the 2nd graders around the "campfire"}

{Yes, Logan Im taking another picture}
 {Squaw Peak- Provo Canyon}
It. Was. Freezing!
Obviously Rodney wasnt dressed for such cold temps.
Had to keep him warm!
I think we watched the car temp
go from 65 to 40 degrees just driving up there.
 I overheard some college girls wishing someone could take a few photos of their little group.
 So, I told them I would.
Of course,I had to ask if they could take a photo of us too.
The girl who offered did not hesitate to start taking pictures.
We laughed after because we werent ready for her to take the pictures
 and hoped at least one would turn out. 
 This one is pretty good.
It captured a special memory/moment.

 {Emersyn.. playing outside}
{Emmy & best friends}
Rodney treated everyone to the movies.
The three older kids went to see
'Taken' and Rodney and I took the younger ones to see
'Hotel Transylvania'. Which was actually pretty cute.

{Peyton in his 3-D glasses}

{Emmy watching the movie}

After the movie we went for ice cream. Logan was being so silly
in his 3-D glasses. He popped the lenses out of his to make them nerd glasses.

{Emmy in her 3-D glasses}

 {Gannon and Logan}

 {Gannon and Carsen}

{Lunden & Emersyn} 

 {Sister fun}
{Emersyn took to Evie's guitar and played and played}
We went to visit Aunt Mary at her awesome home.
We hadn't seen her in a year. It was SO wonderful to catch up with her.
She took us to lunch at Applebee's in Bountiful since the place we really wanted to go to...
"Texas Roadhouse" was closed until dinner time. Stupid.
Aunt Mary told the kids...
if they were really good she would buy them a toy
at "Three little Monkeys".
They got to pick anything they wanted.
Aunt Mary is the BEST! Can't wait to visit with her again!!!
{My monkey at "Three Little Monkey's"}
is an awesome trampoline/basketball/foam pit place. 
Kids can jump, play dodge ball, basketball and just exhuast themselves
with all sorts of jumping fun. 
My kid's LOVED it!

 { Lunden gettin' some air}
{Evie getting some air}

 {Logan jumping into the foam pit}

 {My dare devil Logan}

{Hang time. Love this. Evie took this one} 

 {Emersyn getting the hang of this place}

{Rodney& I keeping watch over everyone} 
 {Hang time- Emersyn having a blast}



 {F.H.E. Bonfire/s'mores!}

 {Emersyn and Peyton}

 {Great job on the fire babe}
{Enjoying the bonfire in the backyard}

{My girls}
We took the kids to the park to feed the ducks and throw the ball around.
Carsen loved throwing to Rodney. Both Gannon and Rodney threw balls with him
and said he has a GREAT pitching arm.
Rodney coaches and all of his kids play baseball.
Carsen and Logan both want to play. Rodney thinks Carsen could be a great pitcher.
He just needs to learn the "mechanics".

It was SO nice to feed the ducks. We hadnt done that in a long time!
No place to really do that here in So. Cal.

{Pure joy swinging with Evie}

{Lunden doing her dangerous tricks}

It was a perfect fall night to feed the ducks.
 Fall leaves, cool air.
Until next time....
"No matter what happens in life, be good to people.
Being good is a wonderful legacy to leave behind."