Sunday, October 30, 2011

'Twas the Night Before Halloween!

{Yes, this is me..spooky eh?}

"Twas the night before Halloween, and all through the house,
All the creatures were stirring, except for the mouse.
The monsters had gathered to plan and prepare,
For the trick-or-treaters who soon would be there...."



{Double YUCK}

{Emmy and her pumpkin}

{"Harry" and his Harry Potter pumpkin}

{Logan's Vampire Pumpkin}

{Lunden's winkin' pumpkin}

{Cast that spell "Harry"}


{Random cuteness}

{Can't get enough of her}

Have a Happy and Safe Halloween everyone!!!!
Until next time.....
Be scary (and sweet) to each other!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Hi...It's me again.
This is probably the funnest part of the Halloween/fall harvest season for me-
We have been going to this particular patch off and on for
about 12 years. Tradition!
The kid's love picking their pumpkins, riding the little "train", and I love all the wonderful
photo opportunities.
Enjoy all the pictures!

{My babies}

{Cinderella pumpkins}

{My sweet girls}

{Listening to "Farmer Ted"go on and on}

{Mine and Lunden's view}


{Emmy picked out her Cinderella pumpkin}


{funky gourd}







{Our pumpkins}

{"Farmer Ted"giving us a lesson during the train ride}


{Me and my shadow}

Until next time.....
Be sweet!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Big Bear in the Fall

Hi! It's me again....

Well, October is here and she  came in letting everyone KNOW she had arrived!
It is windy and chilly and rainy and....
Have I mentioned that Fall is my most favorite season? Yep, well, it is!

So, we went to Big Bear lake/mountain last weekend.
If  you know me, then you know I love taking pictures.
Especially of my babies.
Which means, there are never any photos of me which I am typically fine with
BUT my daughter is an excellent photographer and she snapped a few of me too.
The only reason I mention it is the shear fact that everyone asks where I am in photos.

So, enjoy the large quantity of photos that I took and therefore decided to share with y'all!

I asked the kid's to "make a silly face" and this is what I got. LOVE IT!

Miss Emersyn Mae in her coonskin cap

The prettiest squaw I have ever seen!

Tree Huggers!

Leaf throwing is so much  fun!

My Carsen

Lovin' on the rather large Teddy

Logan in a skunk-skin cap? Stinky!

My babies developed the love of
mint chocolate chip ice cream
like their mommy.

Can we take him home?

Gorgeous girl inside and out

Give kids leaves and they are content.
Maybe they should package
and sell these for Christmas?

Such a girl. Loves to pose.

Emmy loves when Lunden holds her upside down

I just love everything about this picture!

Emmy picked up this feather and it went there.
Shake your tail feather, Em!

This photo is hilarious

Me and my baby girl


My 4(out of 5) and my nephews

Just before her cartwheel lol


Just a bunch of great kids!

Until next time...
Be good to one another!