Thursday, March 29, 2012

March: In like a lion..out like a lamb

March is almost over but it has been a FUN month for us!

The month started off with a trip to Costa Mesa ( In Orange county).
We stayed in a hotel, went shopping at South Coast Plaza in Costa Mesa
 and Fashion Island in Newport and then the kid's and I went to New Port Beach.
 My babies LOVE being on the beach. 
Next, we celebrated my birthday ( already posted about that).
 Carsen recieved an award at school,
Logan was an aligator in the first grade play, It snowed (multiple times) and
 we enjoyed a lot of family dinners and fun day trips.

Lot's of pictures headed your way.....

Carsen's award.....

"Once upon a mattress"


Random shots...

Orange Empire train museum...

Until next time....

"I think the most beautiful people are the ones who go through the toughest situations but still  manage to keep a smile on their face, expecially if they have a bright personality to go along with that smile."


Sunday, March 25, 2012

Wonderful moments make wonderful memories

I have been so bad at blogging lately.
I have been so blessed with so many wonderful
moments to capture the last couple of months that I haven't had
time to sit down and share.

Last month (February) was Logan's 7th birthday.
We celebrated by bringing cupcakes into his classroom,
dinner and treats at Farrell's ice cream parlor and a day

Birthday boy.
 Haircut before heading down to his party.

Grandpa sent Logan a balloon bouquet
so we brought it to his classroom.

Logan was excited and embarassed all at the same time.

My babies leaving Logans classroom/school
heading down to Logan's party

Farrell's ice cream parlor is LOUD and crazy
and a lot of fun!!!!

Carsen- outside Farrell's

Emersyn Mae-Outside Farrell's

Aunt Christy brought the kid's these
rather large Pixie stix. I did NOT
let them have these. Carsen only wishes he was sucking
that sugar down. lol

Fun day at LEGOLAND!

Lunden, Emersyn and Hunter

Emersyn and her twin

The boy's

Emmy found a friend


Pretty girl

Just rode their first coaster

So excited about her face painting

Mommy wearing Emmy's "raybans"

Wheee!! This ride was like the teacups at D-land

My birthday boy

Mommy and Miss Priss lol

The Priss

Emersyn was blowing kisses to everyone and spanking her horses
butt to make it go faster. Seriously THE cutest ride and moment
of the day! I only wish I could've gone on those dang ponies.

Lunden and Carsen
This was like the wild mouse ride. Great dips and turns!

My little "ham"

Oh she was lovin' this face painting.

Cutest. Ride. EVER!

Can you tell why I love this photo?
(Carsen and Lunden holding hands)

All the cousins- fashion Island
My sister, Christy had her birthday on Leap year so we came down to
Newport for her birthday fun.

Newport- Fashion Island

Spent the night in Costa Mesa. My bed buddies.

My sweet angel

Wonderful times, wonderful memories and I am so blessed!!!!

I will be posting pictures from March next.