Thursday, February 26, 2009

Dance performance by Logan

Logan has been making up dances a lot lately. They are so cute. He has started to "break dance" a little too but that isn't in this particular video.

Ignore the empty living room. We are in the process of ordering furniture. It's a big play place for the kids right now. lol


Tuesday, February 24, 2009

4 years ago today...

Our precious Logan was born!


Grandma always sends Cookies by Design cookie baskets for special occasions.

This time, Logan got a Mickey and Minnie cookie basket. It's darling! These cookies are so yummy that we go and get them often because the kids love them so much!

Thank you G-maw and G-paw!

I thought it would be fun to post some pictures over the past 4 year's.

{Carsen and Logan are 19 months apart}

{first time to Disneyland}

{Coronado Island}

{Lunden and Logan}

{California Adventure}

{Pumpkin patch in Apple Valley}

{My little clan in Big Bear}

{Big Bear}

{1st Halloween}

{Happy little pumpkin}

{1st Christmas}

{My 1 year old}

{barely 2 years old}
*it was moving day from our home in Cali to South Carolina*

{Disney World}

{our apartment while our home was built in S.C.}

{Arlington National Cemetary}

{Inner Harbor- Baltimore}

{Watching cousin Ty(wiggington) play baseball at Braves stadium}

{just being cute}

{3 years old}

{my 4 year old cutie pie}

I love you so very much Logan. You are sweet and funny and come up with the cutest things to say everyday. I love your dances too!! =)

Happy Birthday!

The pre birthday bash

We had an early birthday party over the weekend for Logan's 4th birthday!

We had his little party at a fun place called " Flight Deck".

It (suprise) has everything to do with airplanes. Planes on the ceiling, posters on the wall, etc. There is an arcade room and it's much less "germy" than the other option we had which was going to be Chucke Cheese.

Let's just say we haven't been there since Carsen was 1 and we were living in Victorville, Ca. We all got eye infections and vowed to never go back. Luckily, the place was packed with 50 people waiting outside to get in. So, we chose the Flight Deck instead.

**Just a side note**
The Flight Deck is also the location that John McCain used for some campaigning while here in S.C.

{having fun with daddy}

{my sweet boy}

{eating his 2nd favorite food-pizza}

{ singing Happy Birthday}

{blowing out all the different candles}

{trying to take some artsy pics of presents}

{gift card to Build-a-Bear}

{new Didj game for his Didj handheld game}

{his new V-tech pocket}

Logan got some great loot!

The party was a lot of fun and it was even more special becuase Grandma and Grandpa could be here.

Happy birthday big boy we love you!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Results are in

I was begining to wonder why it was taking so long to hear from our doctor
in regard's to Brennen's echocardiogram.
I even called them this morning to see if result's were in and all I could do was
leave a message for the nurse to call me back.
Luckily, the nurse called me late this afternoon and she said the result's were "normal".
Thank goodness!
I am so thankful and greatful and blessed!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Refreshing randomness

Just some little moments captured...
Wednesday - Friday this week

{She loves using this laptop}

{her new highchair}

{Cute as a bug}


{fun at the mall}

This same day, Ben had to take Carsen to urgent care and they discovered strep throat. He is doing better now. He is on antibiotics and back to his old self...almost.


I thought this was cute because Emmy loves wearing sunglasses like mommy.


We had an Ikea day yesterday.

It just opened up in Charlotte N.C. on Wednesday. It's one our favorite places to go for the basics. There are actually some really cute things in there and some of it matches my decor/style.

{Love these dressers for the boys}

{They have great mirrors. I have one similar to this already}

{Logan found a train set to play with}

My parent's met us in Charlotte. They were heading down to celebrate Logan's birthday with us this weekend. So, we had them meet us. After Ikea the guys went to the Bass Pro shop and the girl's went to a great mall to shop. Let's just say, I spent quite a bit in Janie and Jack for Emersyn. I fell in love with a line in there. Goodness! I love having a little girl to dress up again.

I was also able to go into Nordstrom and get my Clinique lipstick and I got Lunden and I some really great lip gloss from M.A.C.. This Hello Kitty line they have right now has some great colors!

A funny story while we were at the M.A.C./Clinique counters. They have music playing and the song was Just dance by Lady GaGa. Emersyn loves music and that song so she started dancing her signature move ( prior post shows this dance video of Emmy). All the girl's thought it was so precious and were getting a kick out of her. I told them that her favorite song was by Beyonce, Put a ring on it. She will sing the "uh uh oh" part. What song comes on next?? The Beyonce song and she showed them her stuff. The girls were so giggly with Emmy. One girl said " That's right girl, you make sure you get that ring!". lol
It was cute! I love random moments like that and they happen alot when Emmy is around.

It was just a fun day and I look forward to shopping for Logan and celebrating his birthday today. His actual birthday is the 24Th. He will be 4!

Birthday pictures up next!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


This morning was Brennen's echocardiogram.
During his routine sport's physical last Monday (for track) the doctor thought she heard a heart murmur. So she ordered the test to be done over at the Lexington hospital. It is basically a sonogram (ultrasound) of the heart. All the chambers, aorta, etc.
I told Brennen that it isn't too often in your life that you get to see the inside of your body. So, getting to see his heart and watch it working is pretty cool. He was a little more queasy about the whole thing and the only thing he thought about it was " ugh". He said he was fine until the woman pressed on his ribcage area and she said "ok, breath". He was thinking " yeah right". He got a little uncomfortable when she had to press firmly near his neck. I saw him shift his feet around so I knew he was having some discomfort.
I mentioned to Brennen that I had to have that same test done after I had Emersyn. I had to be put back in the hospital for complications of Hypertension from delivery. (Long story)
Anyways, we should know more/results within 72 hours the tech said.
Well, I didn't think to bring my digital camera along until we were already on our way to the hospital. I had to use my cell phone so the photo is a little on the dark side.

Oh! Since this post is about Brennen...

He is running track: 200 and 400 relay

Is on Honor Roll again for this last 9 weeks

He is over 6 feet tall!

He has driven the Xterra by himself in the neighborhood with G-paw and Ben (eek!)

He is totally into his I-pod and computer and his girl friends ( eek again! )

He is a great kid. Sweet, loving, gentle and yes, a teenager with all those "fun" teenager-y quirks.

I love you Brennen!


Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!

{flowers from my honey}

Happy Valentine's Day to you all!

I hope you have an enjoyable day filled with love and romance and a sweet treat (or two).

We gave the kid's all their little Valentine gift's this morning.

Brennen: I-tunes gift card

Lunden: "Pink" purfume and Build-a-Bear dressed in a rocker outfit
(I went in and made it this week)

We took Logan and Carsen in this morning to Build-a-Bear and they each made their own. Carsen picked out a monkey and safari shorts and Logan picked out his elephant and heart boxer shorts. He has been wanting that elephant forever.

I also gave the boy's these lip whistles. They make a silly noise when you blow into them. I think they would have been content just having these.
Well, evening is approaching and that means mommy and daddy time!
Until next time....