Saturday, October 31, 2009

Trunk-Or-Treat....part 1

We had a good time at our Trunk-Or-Treat tonight.
It was quite warm before the sun went down and the gnat's....ugh...the gnat's!
(Have I mentioned that I don't like it here? Oh, I am SURE I have!)

The kids had a blast and quite honestly, I enjoyed it better than just walking the neighborhood.  Well, the boys did that too...before it started raining.

My other camera is out in my car so, I will add a "part 2" tomorrow with alot more pictures.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Halloween!!

Halloween festivities

In Logan's own words......

"Mom! I think I am just a little bit TOO cool!"

{My little pumpkin}

{Whoa baby! That's a big pumpkin!}
Isn't that what her expression makes you think?

{One of our pumpkins...Jack Skellington}

{Logan was gagging at the pumpkin guts-lol}

{Emersyn can hold her own!}

We are on our way to Trunk-Or-Treat!

Happy Halloween!

Friday, October 30, 2009


Sneak a peek!
Sparkletown is the latest line from Matilda Jane
If you click on the link below it will take you to a slideshow....

I am fairly new to the Matilda Jane clothing myself.
I am always looking for stylish, affordable clothing for my kids  (I have 5!).
I love the longevity and versatility with Matilda Jane clothing.
If it fits like a dress this year, it can become a top the next. Pants can become capris.
The style is funky, fun and girly without the pretentiousness.
Girls can look "dolled up" and still look their age in Matilda Jane.

If you are interested and live local....
My friend will be having a trunk show on November 3rd.
Just contact me if you are interested.

If you live outside of S.C. then check out the Matilda Jane website.
There, you can locate a local trunk keeper.
Once found, you can schedule your own trunk show
 or just order from the trunk keeper at anytime.
If you cannot find a trunk keeper in your area let me know.
I will give you the info for my trunk keeper. It's all the same.


Thursday, October 29, 2009

And.....he's off!

Oh where does the time go?!
Today is Logan's first day of preschool. 

We walked right into the school....
 he walked into his classroom...
 asked what to do with his backpack...
 and made a friend, Tanner
all in the first 2 minutes.

I gave Logan a big hug and with tears in my eyes, walked back out the door.

I have one hour to go...
 and it will be time to pick Logan up.
I can't wait to hear all about his morning!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Rainy days and Tuesdays.........

I was looking through my newest FANCY FLOURS catalog
and thought these edible wafer papers were soooo neat!

I am a sucker for plaids, toile and damask prints!
 Oooh! I wonder if they have a damask print for these?!

I love the vintage postcard look.
Any of these would make the cutest cookies for a holiday party
 or a party favor wrapped in cellophane.
Oh, great! Now I have started in on a rendition of "Mr. Cellophane" from Chicago.

I love a GOOD cookie...
These are not only edible but sugar free!
So, does that mean I can eat twice as many? lol

 I am SO trying these out!!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Back to school --->

Today was Carsen's first day back to school since having his surgery.
He was home two full weeks.
I must say that the last few days he has been driving me bonkers.

Still, I was glad to see that he was back to his old self again.

I usually don't walk him into the school in the morning
because Carsen doesn't like me to but today, I did.
 His teacher and classmates were so excited to see him!

*On another note...
Logan made it into the preschool program at the elementary school.
They had an opening come available.
(It helps to know the teachers!)
We are so excited to have Logan follow in the footsteps of Carsen and be a part of such a wonderful class with wonderful teachers!
 Logan is SO excited! He starts on Thursday.He is bummed that he can't start today. 
 A post/pictures will follow.....

Friday, October 23, 2009

Lil' Stinker

Emersyn will climb up on the baby gate and call for help.
She can get up but she can't get back down.
In all her struggling I made her stay there to take a couple of picures.
Mean mommy! lol

{she is too cute through her mischeviousness}

{ Hold on for the picture Emmy! This is the "mean mommy" part- lol}

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

A Classic

Something to get you into the Halloween spirit.

The kid's and I love this part of the show...too funny!

Saturday, October 17, 2009


Is how many months old Emersyn May is now!

She can count to 10
and knows the difference between letters and numbers.
She pointed to the letter "I" the other day and said "I". Amazingly gifted.
She still loves Elmo and Hannah Montanta a ton.
She can use a fork and spoon very well. Great coordination!
The potty training is slowly in progress. She still tells me when she is "going".
She has even wanted to sit on the big potty a few times.
Nothing has happened yet but we are working on it.
She loves to perform...singing,dancing, reciting lines from shows and movies.
She is ALL girl! She loves clothes, shoes, headbands and jewelry. Carrying a bag or purse is a big thing to her.
She has really started to notice the toy isle with all the girly toys. Barbies, dolls, etc.
She loves to carry and sleep with all her stuffed animals but I'm still paranoid and sneak them out of her bed when she falls asleep. She has and continues to be the best sleeper and eater. Thank you.
She has been able to start and say her own prayer for a few months now.
It's so cute when she folds her arms and starts to pray.
It lasts about 5 seconds and she is gone to do something else.
She has started getting scared of things. Some Halloween stuff, some things on tv ( kid shows). She will turn her head and fuss really bad.
The terrible twos have hit our home as well. She can get pretty worked up.
I let her have her little fit while I walk away and ignore it. lol
Her personality is adorable. We love her with all of our hearts!!
Oh! She is going to be a beautiful monarch butterfly for Halloween too!
Pictures will come soon. We are going to my parents in West Virgina for Halloween.
It's tradition!

( I used the word "she alot..oh well!)

Videos below.......

(Emersyn performing on her "stage")

( Counting)

An update

It has been one full week since Carsen's surgery. He has been a real trooper!
He has been living on popsicles and soups.
 He told me the other day he was sick of the popsicles. I don't blame him!
He still tires pretty easily and can't talk very much still. He has hardly eaten a thing so he has lost some weight too. Poor thing. He just doesn't want to eat.
There have been a few times when he has wanted a little brownie bite or a soft cookie or even a piece of bread and he has actually eaten them but that doesn't happen very often. All we can do is keep him hydrated mixing up the popsicle brands.
 Suprisingly, he won't  eat ice cream!
He misses school and his teacher and friends.
 We aren't sure if he is ready to head back to school next week.
 We don't need him running around and playing really hard on the playground.
So, we will see.
I will try to add a few photos of him sometime today.

***Check back for a post all about Miss Emersyn May. She is 21 months today!!!***

Sunday, October 11, 2009

*~*Save the date*~*

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I am really excited for this trunk show and you are in for a treat!
A formal invitation will be heading your way ( if you live local).

The trunk show will be between the hours of 11 am and 2pm so, you can come anytime between those hours to look, try-on and shop for you and your girl's.
Bring your friends and their girl's too! Children are welcome.The more the merrier! :)
Snacks will be provided. It will be a fun time!

If you don't live local and would like to order please, let me know!
Orders can be placed very easily via email/phone.

If you have never heard of or experienced Matilda Jane click HERE
There are new lines all the time. The newest line is called
"Gypsy Blue"

I hope you are able to come!

Friday, October 9, 2009

Bye Bye Tonsils!

It was an emotional day!

Here are just a few photos of our morning at the hospital.....

{sitting in the admissions waiting area. Nintendo DS in hand}

{talking to G-ma and G-pa}

{getting ready to put the lovely gown on}

{blood pressure cuff on...getting worried}

{not too sure about this}

{That face! Makes me so sad}

{so many doctors and nurses and questions}

{being wheeled away....:(  }

{Im wanting to run after him}

{moments after surgery, in recovery. He was on morphine}

{at home in his bed}

My main goal the entire time was to keep things as light and positive as possible.
It worked. Once he was rolled down the hall I lost it.
The doctor came back 20 minutes later stating everything went great.
About 10 minutes later a nurse asked one of us to go back to the recovery room. I found Carsen lying on his side, out of it and coughing a little.
 I rubbed his head and said, "mommy is here". He relaxed a little.
They had me feed him a double stick popsicle which he ate willingly. He wanted his IV off because it was bothering him but the nurse said that he needed to finish his popsicle first.
Boy, you should have seen him chow down on that thing. Taking bites even!
At this point the stress and not eating was getting to me and I started feeling woozy. Lovely. All I need is to create drama from passing out.
I told the nurse I needed to sit down and she brought me some apple juice.
One thing you must know about me is I only drink hospital apple juice! I never drink it at home but with every pregnancy/delivery I have drank them out of that dang apple juice. I don't know what it is?!
We got Carsen dressed and the nurse brought a wheel chair over...
for ME and Carsen. lol
The nurse sat me down and had Carsen sit on my lap.Carsen, being his cute self got off the bed in all of his wooziness and said, "I want to push mom".
Awww!!! My baby!
 Ben had gone to get the car so when he saw us come down the hall...both of us in the wheelchair he just started laughing.
We jumped in that car and we headed home.
Relieved that things went well and our baby boy would be tonsil and adenoid free!

Carsen is doing great actually...
He is on meds so, he is pain free.
He actually ate some soup tonight and gogurt and he has been eating tons of popsicles and gatorade.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Hard to swallow

Just a quick post.....

I am not sure how I can be calm and anxious at the same time... but I am.

Carsen will be having his tonsillectomy Friday (tomorrow) morning at 6:30 am EST.
We ( Carsen, Ben and I) have to be at the hospital at 6:00 am.

I'm calm because I'm a mom and I have to be,right?
Don't let them see ya sweat...or something like that....
Yet, on the inside, I'm worried about my little boy. I want to make everything ok.

 We have kept things normal and calm and all Carsen knows is that he will be asleep to have his tonsills taken out.

I am really greatful to my parents. They came down and are taking the twins to high school in the morning and taking care of Logan and Emersyn. I hate leaving Emmy but I know I need to be at the hospital more. They will have fun with G-paw and G-maw and a trip to Toys R Us is planned. I think some chocolate chip cookie making is in the works too. Yum! My mom's chocolate chip cookies are THE best!!

Well, I better get to bed. We will need to be on the road by 5:30 or so.
I will be taking a bunch of pictures and blog about the experience tomorrow or Saturday.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Go that 2nd......and 3rd mile...

I really enjoyed this....

I think so many of us get caught up in day to day life and forget the most important things.
None of us should forget to call our loved ones. None of us should let a birthday pass by without saying "happy birthday". None of us should allow space, time and distance to be an excuse not to make an effort to let our  family and friends alike know they matter.
We really do need to step out of our box, look past our own noses and be there. Help. Matter to someone else. It's easy to help our own individual families. It's more difficult and yet rewarding to help others we don't know that well or don't see that often or don't know at all.

Let's all make an effort to be better.

(You will need to scroll down and stop my music)

Saturday, October 3, 2009

A lovely walk

Today, my girl's and I and Lunden's friend Carli went on a walk.
 A long walk. A beautiful walk.
It's roughly 5 miles. It takes about an hour to walk it.
The walking path is directly over the Lake Murray dam.
We saw turles, buzzards and lot's of boats!
We drive over this dam nearly everyday. I still can't believe this large lake is a couple of miles from our home. leg muscles and feet are sore. I think I need a foot rub!
Oh, honeeeeeeeeey! Where arrrrrre you?

{This is the walking path}