Saturday, October 17, 2009


Is how many months old Emersyn May is now!

She can count to 10
and knows the difference between letters and numbers.
She pointed to the letter "I" the other day and said "I". Amazingly gifted.
She still loves Elmo and Hannah Montanta a ton.
She can use a fork and spoon very well. Great coordination!
The potty training is slowly in progress. She still tells me when she is "going".
She has even wanted to sit on the big potty a few times.
Nothing has happened yet but we are working on it.
She loves to perform...singing,dancing, reciting lines from shows and movies.
She is ALL girl! She loves clothes, shoes, headbands and jewelry. Carrying a bag or purse is a big thing to her.
She has really started to notice the toy isle with all the girly toys. Barbies, dolls, etc.
She loves to carry and sleep with all her stuffed animals but I'm still paranoid and sneak them out of her bed when she falls asleep. She has and continues to be the best sleeper and eater. Thank you.
She has been able to start and say her own prayer for a few months now.
It's so cute when she folds her arms and starts to pray.
It lasts about 5 seconds and she is gone to do something else.
She has started getting scared of things. Some Halloween stuff, some things on tv ( kid shows). She will turn her head and fuss really bad.
The terrible twos have hit our home as well. She can get pretty worked up.
I let her have her little fit while I walk away and ignore it. lol
Her personality is adorable. We love her with all of our hearts!!
Oh! She is going to be a beautiful monarch butterfly for Halloween too!
Pictures will come soon. We are going to my parents in West Virgina for Halloween.
It's tradition!

( I used the word "she alot..oh well!)

Videos below.......

(Emersyn performing on her "stage")

( Counting)


Elena said...

What a little cutie. Isn't it fun? She seems amazing and wonderful. I'm glad you got her.

ginny said...

I really need to figure out how to post video on my blog! You do the coolest things! My friend and I actually started and accessory online store. We also just started vending at shows! We make and sell interchangeable watchband bracelets, beaded lanyards, rings that we make and will be adding in the next little bit, interchangeable necklaces, flip-flops and headbands! How are things out there? Your kids are the most adorable ever!