Wednesday, September 30, 2009

*~*There's no place like home*~*

So, I am out and about with my 2 little ones today.
 We are almost to our neighborhood when Logan says,
"Mom, are we almost Home Sweet Home, yet?"
Melts my heart!

 Here are a few new pictures of Logan.

{he posed this way on his own}

Friday, September 25, 2009


Who doesn't love an awsome giveaway?!?!
The sweet Jen over at WindyRidge/Edens Bouquet
has a drawing for $300 toward Edens Bouquet clothing for the winner!
If you haven't seen her precious things, you are missing out!!!
Go sign up!!

~Random fun~

Since school has started, the weeks are pretty much the same....
Not alot of time for extra activities (outside the norm).

So, I just have a bunch of pictures of the kid's doing random stuff.

I have a picture of Brennen doing this same thing in a popcorn cannister when he was less than a year old. I should scan the photo!

I found this cute witch hat at Target in the $ section.It is just her size. Although ALL the kid's have worn it around the house. lol
I am trying to figure out her halloween costume. Still trying to decide
between a cute witch, butterfly or kitty cat.

The kids fave thing is the football games and after game activities.

Brennen and his goofy self...he loves hanging out with his friends after the game. Over at one of the churches in town they have something called "5th quarter". It's outside and they have food and music and its a chaperoned,safe place for the kids to continue hanging out for awhile longer.

I found these cool tattoos on Ebay for the kids to wear to show some
school spirit! Lunden is sporting one on her cheek. Along with her newest school hoodie she is carrying. Lunden has enough school spirit to be a cheerleader! I need to show her some moves and get her ready!!! ;)
Today, there is no school because of parent teacher confrences.  So, we are going to enjoy a nice long 3-day weekend!

I need to get some newer pictures of Carsen and Logan up. I will try to do that this weekend.
Until next time.......

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Emersyn and her popsicle.
Can you believe it's the 1st time I had ever given her one?
They are great too because they are mini and they are slow melting.
(not sure why but the video didn't turn out all that clear,sorry)

Thursday, September 17, 2009

20 wonderful months

Emersyn is so wonderful
She changes so much from day to day...
Her hair is finally growing, she tells us what she wants and we understand,
She tells me when she is actually GOING poopoo and peepee
(time to buy a potty chair!)
She still loves Hannah Montana and she loves to sing and dance!
She is silly and loves attention. She will lip sync to songs and keeps to the beat of the music.
She is just awsome!!
I took these pictures today....

My Emersyn. What a wonderful gift you are!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Voglio Un Gatto ......(I want a cat)

My kid's have been asking for a pet...
Dog, cat, bird, fish it really doesn't matter to them.
Well, it matters to me because I will more than likely
be the one taking care of said pet.
* a little pet history*
I grew up with a German Shepard, Tonya.
My dad got her when I was 4. She loved playing in the water,
She hated thunderstorms and Fireworks and would hide in our closet
(Yes, a huge German Shepard in my closet)
She protected us, pulled our big wheels when we tied her leash to it...
I tried letting this huge dog sleep on my bed. Numerous times.
She died when I was 15.
My first "saddest day of my life" experience.
My parent's got another dog...a puppy less than a year later
at an Italian market while we were living in Italy.
They named her Carina.... meaning "dear one" in Italian.
She was a long - haired dachshund
and we spoke to her in both English and Italian.
I wasn't too happy about this puppy replacing the only dog I ever knew.
Honestly, I don't think I ever really gave her the credit she deserved.
Mi dispiace (sorry) Carina.
The only other animal we truly made a part of our family...
and moved to Italy with us was a male cat and we named him..
Or as the Italian boy's called him...
(another story)
He was THE best cat.
Smart, sweet, cuddly and gorgeous.
We got him for free from a girl at the Layton Hills Mall.
In Utah when I was 14.
He was so little.
She couldn't keep him and was looking for a good home for him.
I mention all of this because....
Now, I am wanting a pet myself.
As if I need one more thing, right? I know.
Still, I can't help myself.
Look at these pictures below....

Aren't the whittle faces so cute??
I tried to add a video from my cell phone but it isn't working.
We took the kids over to PetSmart to walk around
and look at the animals after we ate out
They loved looking at the cats!
Especially Emersyn.
I will try to add it soon. So cute.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Head count...

Just wondering who ( in the area) would come to a
MATILDA JANE trunk show
if I were to have one at my house?

If you are unfamiliar with the clothing line click on her name above.
Very versatile clothing in really cute patterns.
All size...newborn to adult.
I would say that the prices are comparable to
Gap and Gymboree.

A representative would come with the whole line of clothing...
You can bring your kid's, your friend's and their kid's,
try the clothing on your girl's
and if you like, you can buy.
I think it would be a fun way to get to know one another too!
Just want to know who may be interested in coming?
Leave me a message, k?


Friday, September 11, 2009

~*Random cuteness*~

So, 6 out of 7 of us have been sick the last 2 weeks....
Can you guess who HASN'T been sick?
(Did I just jinx myself?)
We have had strep and sinus infections and coughs galore...
or should I say "Oh my!"?
So, I decided to share some random pictures from the last couple weeks...
The many faces of Emersyn

Cell phone fun at church. Not very GOOD pictures and NOT very
appropriate for church but ..
it hadn't started yet so that makes it ok, right?! lol

Go Wildcats!
The first home game and the girl's wanted to paint all over my car.
It was fun!

{Samantha and Lunden}

My Logan @ Where else?


Lunden trying on new sunglasses for 80's day

the school had "decades day" for homecoming week.

The freshman had the 80's!

Charlotte N.C.

Emersyn in Pottery Barn Kids

Carsen @ Cheescake Factory. He always
wants the napkin to be put on his head like a

Grandpa and the boy's being silly

~Never forget~

I have such a wave of emotions within me this morning.

8 years ago this morning 9-11 attacks were taking place.

I know that we can all remember where we were this day, 8 years ago.

My twins and I were living with my parents ( after my divorce) in California.

My parents were in DC that day/week on business.

I was worried sick.

Details I cannot go into...

My dad finally called me and told me he and my mother were ok.

My mom saw the plane go into the Pentagon.

Their hotel right across the street from the Pentagon.

My mother, an RN, started a triage at the hotel taking care of the injured and wound

who were walking away from the Pentagon and walking across the street toward the hotel.

I watch the footage on the news from what happend 8 years ago

and I get that anxious,scared feeling all over again.

It angers me, and completely saddens me.

I was not remarried yet and my twins were only in Kindergarten.

So much has changed since that day, for the better.

I pray that we never forget that moment in time

and also remember that

"The way to be safe is to never be secure"

~Ben Franklin

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Hot and Fresh and .......kinda wierd

We just happened to discover a couple weeks ago that
a Krispy Kreme would be coming to town.
They had a sign out front counting down the days.
I think the only reason we were excited about it is because this state
has nothing to offer and this establishment stands for..
"We're movin' on up" in the world!
The only decent doughnut establishment we did have was around the corner
and it closed down a year from the time it opened.
We never understood why.
It got a ton of business.e Especially from the schools...
AND it was the only doughnut shop around.
I guess that is why these people below were doing what they were doing...
Kinda wierd if you ask me.

{How come you don't see this at the grand opening of a new Golds gym?}

{Seriously? Camping out the night before?}
Opening day...
Ok, so the kid's asked me to go, so, I decided to go....
I could also say that I bought some doughnuts on opening day.
We haven't had a Krispy Kreme since leaving California....
I guess it was time.

I thought there would be a big line but there were only 2 people ahead me
{bad pic..from cell}
So, I placed my order:
a dozen doughnuts- 8 original, 2 cruellers, 2 chocolate cake
When I get my box of doughnuts and drive away
I open the box to...
No, not eat one.
To smell them!
it wasn't even my order!
A bunch of icky kinds we/I would never eat.
(if you can imagine)
So, I drive back through the drive thru and tell them what happened.
Long story short...they let me keep the undesireable dozen
and gave me the correct order. No extra charge.

{Yep, that's a Krispy Kreme..not a big deal people}

Not feeling well..
Emersyn was still able to enjoy her 1st taste of delicious goodness!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Bedtime rituals...turn funny

So, tonight while I am bathing Emersyn....
{isn't she cute??!!}
I ask Lunden to help brush Carsen's teeth....
There is NO way this kid is brushing his own teeth ALL by himself....YET!
When I look up, I see Carsen doing this......
He suctioned cup his toothbrush here at the switch plate and started brushing his teeth.
Pretty ingenious AND good use of the suction!
That's my guy!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Mama "Mia"

I seriously love chandeliers
If I could have one in every room, I would.
I found these cute lighting fixtures at the Potterybarn kids store
last week and saw them again yesterday.
I will be getting these for Emersyn's Shabby chic room

{Mia chandelier}

{Mia chandelier sconce}

Friday, September 4, 2009

Trunk show...wanna go?

If you haven't heard of Matilda Jane...
You are missing out on some seriously cute stuff!

I am all about versatility and longevity when it comes to clothes.
I am going to a trunk show on September 9Th.

If you want to go, let me know!!


(Apron dresses are super versatile)

(the CUTEST leg warmers and tights )