Sunday, September 13, 2009

Voglio Un Gatto ......(I want a cat)

My kid's have been asking for a pet...
Dog, cat, bird, fish it really doesn't matter to them.
Well, it matters to me because I will more than likely
be the one taking care of said pet.
* a little pet history*
I grew up with a German Shepard, Tonya.
My dad got her when I was 4. She loved playing in the water,
She hated thunderstorms and Fireworks and would hide in our closet
(Yes, a huge German Shepard in my closet)
She protected us, pulled our big wheels when we tied her leash to it...
I tried letting this huge dog sleep on my bed. Numerous times.
She died when I was 15.
My first "saddest day of my life" experience.
My parent's got another dog...a puppy less than a year later
at an Italian market while we were living in Italy.
They named her Carina.... meaning "dear one" in Italian.
She was a long - haired dachshund
and we spoke to her in both English and Italian.
I wasn't too happy about this puppy replacing the only dog I ever knew.
Honestly, I don't think I ever really gave her the credit she deserved.
Mi dispiace (sorry) Carina.
The only other animal we truly made a part of our family...
and moved to Italy with us was a male cat and we named him..
Or as the Italian boy's called him...
(another story)
He was THE best cat.
Smart, sweet, cuddly and gorgeous.
We got him for free from a girl at the Layton Hills Mall.
In Utah when I was 14.
He was so little.
She couldn't keep him and was looking for a good home for him.
I mention all of this because....
Now, I am wanting a pet myself.
As if I need one more thing, right? I know.
Still, I can't help myself.
Look at these pictures below....

Aren't the whittle faces so cute??
I tried to add a video from my cell phone but it isn't working.
We took the kids over to PetSmart to walk around
and look at the animals after we ate out
They loved looking at the cats!
Especially Emersyn.
I will try to add it soon. So cute.


Kasey said...

no thanks to the cats over here...but a puppy on the other hand makes my heart skip a beat.

Joneel said...

Oh wow, PETS. I always have said "I'd rather have another baby". ha ha ha ha ha

Joneel said...

PS I'm impressed you can speak Italian!!

Annie said...

awwww.. HOW fun! you can manage anything! so an animal would be SO fun for your household!!! how cute to go shopping for it!!!!
I wanted a tiny dog JUSSST for the CUTE PURSE!