Thursday, November 1, 2012

What a month!!

Hello, November!!
WHERE did October go?It just flew by
but what a month it was!
We had such a fun filled, memory making October
 but I must say that I am ready for the holidays!
(did I just say that?)
I hope these next few months fly  by quickly too!
On to better and bigger things!
Yesterday was Halloween and of course, I took a bazillion photos.
The boy's had half day then we went over to the pumpkin patch.
We were hoping for "the GREAT pumpkin" to carve but we were
sadly disapointed to find nothing but a few "Cinderella pumpkins" and some
rotting ones that looked more like peppers than pumpkins.
Still, there were some great photo opportunities so I took advantage of it.
We have been going to the Frazier pumpkin patch for YEARS!
I'd say 13 years( off and on)  to be exact. I have photos of ALL my babies here.
It's tradition....





















+*+*+*Halloween night+*+*+*+
So, Emersyn was Merida from the movie "Brave"
Logan was Indiana Jones
 Carsen, last minute decided NOT to go trick-or-treating!
He was to be a soldier.
Lunden was the Sundrop girl from the soda commercials
Lunden and Carsen stayed home to pass out candy while I walked
Logan and Emersyn around the neighborhood.
 I think Carsen and Lunden had more fun than we did!
Neighbor kids were wanting pictures with Lunden and loved the Harry Potter "scar"
that Lunden painted on Carsen's forehead.
Emersyn got so many compliments on her costume/wig. She did look darling.
We were at the last couple of houses and Emmy's feet were tired.
I said, " we only have one more house to go!"
 to which Emersyn replied,
"Aww nuts!!!"