Sunday, October 26, 2008

Having joy in my posterity

Our Emmy made her first successful stand!

I went to get her clothes up in her room and when I came back down,
there she was STANDING up in her playpen!!
I KNEW it was going to happen just at any moment.
Emmy has been kneeling at furniture for weeks
Then, she started placing one foot down to try and stand up but she just wouldn't do it.
I just knew...
( being an old hand at this and not comparing my child to everyone elses child)
it would be any day.

I have felt really bad because she is so little and there are so many bodies
running around our house.
She really doesn't get the quality (safe) and quantity floor time
like she ought to be getting.
I am afraid someone is going to land on her or kick her,etc.

Just goes to show how every baby has their own time table and when they are ready they will just do it no matter what....

Today was the day!

Here is another photo of her standing up yet again. I think she even suprises herself.

We are on our way to a walking baby girl!

I can't wait!!!!
Until next time.....

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Just keepin' it real people

Ever have a day like this?

I did today! But now that they are asleep, I like them again =D

Friday, October 17, 2008

Emersyn is 9 months old today!

OK, I know I have been blogging a lot...but hey it's entertaining, right?

Our Emersyn is 9 months old today!
(a few pics from today)

Just a few of Emersyn's latest triumphs...

Saying " uh-oh"

Pulls herself up

Says "mama" and "dada"

Crawling all over

More hair coming in!!!

She has 7 1/2 teeth

She had her 9 month well visit and she is 22 pounds and 29 inches long

Imitates noises we make


Dances (bouces) with her hand up in the air

She loves to pull at everyones hair and think's it's funny

She can sit in a shopping cart ( with her seat cover of course)

I captured an Emmy-Esque behavior today.
She has always held her hands very dainty and has always lifted her little pinky up when holding things.
Very feminine!

Her little bottom lip and her big blue eyes just melt my heart.

Seriously, we get stopped wherever we go so people can say hi to her or comment on her bow, her outfit, her smile, her eyes.

Basically on her general cuteness overall! lol

Today at L&B's school, ladies from the other office were coming in saying" I was told I needed to come in here and see this cute baby!" That's our girl!

We love you Emmy!

We can't wait for your next full month of adventures and discoveries!

Until next time....

Thursday, October 16, 2008

It's loads of fun at...Harmons

*~*pumpkin patch*~*

This is was our 2nd time visiting the pumpkin patch.
We still haven't discovered all there is to do at Harmon's.
It is actually a tree farm and at Christmas you can cut down your own tree.
There is even Christmas house open all year that sells Christmas decor.

During Halloween Harmons has pumkins scattered about, hayrides, a corn maze and even a haunted house!

I love the old front porch with all of the rocking chairs, very southern.

I even got Emersyn to sit still on a rocking chair.
There was so much for her to look at and discover.

Logan having fun with the pumpkins! little pumkin head

Emersyn checking out her very first pumpkin

There are lot's of fun thing's to see and explore too!

I couldn't pull Carsen away from all the playground activities!

In the word's of Logan.....

"Gooooood times!"

Until next time.....

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Go that second mile!

My R.S. Pres sent this to everyone.
They are indeed funny but we all need to go that 2nd mile.Not take our sister's for granted. I have such a strong testimony of visiting teaching. We are the helping hands for the Lord. Be inspired and remember...

"Charity never faileth".

Friday, October 10, 2008

My genetic copies

Random October photo's

"baby jail"

She has been getting on her knees when she wakes up or if she doesn't want to take a nap. I couldn't resist so I snapped a picture and sprung her

She is such an angel

Ok I will add one in color....

Hi pretty girl!

My little Logan

He would rather be known as Logan Skywalker

He is the most precious little boy. He can come up with the funniest saying's!

(I will save that for another blog!)


The king of the playground!

Carsen's smile melt's my heart

He was "beary special" and got to wear this hat. In my book, he is always beary special!

My two girls...

The oldest and the youngest!

Lunden, you can stop growing up now, thank's!

And then there was the Bren Dawg

You can stop growing up too!


Until next time...

Monday, October 6, 2008

The Halloween Phantom

Ok, I don't know about where you live but around here the
Halloween Phantom is a big deal.
We were visited by the Phantom last night!!

What is the Halloween Phantom you ask?

Well, It's a Bit Like Secret Santa.
Secretly deliver Halloween treats and a poem from the Phantom to your neighbors and start a fun chain reaction that will end up all over the neighborhood!
To get the Phantom rolling:
1. Download and print 2 copies of a ghost. I went to Photobucket and found the picture on my blog. Really, you can just outline a ghost shape with a black marker along with this poem.....
The Phantom has been here with a treat just for you.
He crept to your door in a fog misty blue.
This isn't at trick, this treat isn't for free,
Now it's your turn and the Phantom you'll be.
The Phantom loves treats and also loves rhymes
Take this ghostly poem and reprint it two times.
So he won't strike again, hang this on your window or door.
Take this and a treat and deliver two more
to a neighbor or friend in the black of the night
Pound on thier down and give 'em a fright
Then on Halloween night there surely should be
Phantoms on all of the doors or windows we see
Happy Halloween!"

2. Create 2 bags of Halloween treats and attach a copy of the poem to each bag.
We have recieved and given fun stuff!
Make it creative using cute goodie bags or tins and add candy, halloween themed toys, spider get the idea.

3. Secretly deliver the candy and poem to two homes in your neighborhood.
It is a good idea to ring the doorbell and run before the people you are spooking see you.
Your neighbors/friend's will then put the poem on their window/door and deliver candy to two other homes. It is interesting to watch how many people in your neighborhood will have the ghost posted on their windows before Halloween.
Have fun!!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Dying to Reenter the Haunted Mansion

I don't think anyone knows how badly my kids' ( ok me too) miss Disneyland!

Since moving back East, I am betting that my kids talk about Disneyland at least 4 times a week!
Don't get me wrong, we have been to Disney World but it just wasn't the same. Granted, I was pregnant at the time and it was flippin' 90 degrees outside with 100% humidity. Still, it just wasn't the same!

I think the main reason they talk about Disneyland so much is because we had annual passes to Disneyland every year we lived there.
We probably went to Disneyland once a week and more so on the weekend and days' off from school.

My point is, we experienced Disneyland inside and out and enjoyed every aspect of that park especially for the holidays!!

Which brings me to the reason for this post

Halloween at Disneyland is a blast!

In true Disney magic the nighttime comes alive with glowing pumpkins

and the haunted mansion becomes Jack Skellington's home through Christmas

It is just a fun time with the sight's and sounds even more memorable. The goodies shaped like pumpkin's, balloons in Halloween theme. Everything changes for the season.

Im remembering a specific balloon in the shape of a bat with Winnie the Pooh's face on it and Brennen said " Look! It's Bat Pooh!" lol

Woody's round-up back in the "Big thunder" ranch is really fun too! A lot of activities for the kids to make and a petting zoo,etc. At Christmas they even have Santa's reigndeer!

We hope to get back to Disneyland soon!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Total addicting!

I don't know what it is about these little pumpkin cuties.
I think it has something to do with how teeny they are.
Obviously, when you see them on the shelf it means that Halloween isn't far away.
For me, it's just one of those little must haves this time of year and they are so addicting!
Logan is now officially hooked on these little suckers!