Friday, October 10, 2008

My genetic copies

Random October photo's

"baby jail"

She has been getting on her knees when she wakes up or if she doesn't want to take a nap. I couldn't resist so I snapped a picture and sprung her

She is such an angel

Ok I will add one in color....

Hi pretty girl!

My little Logan

He would rather be known as Logan Skywalker

He is the most precious little boy. He can come up with the funniest saying's!

(I will save that for another blog!)


The king of the playground!

Carsen's smile melt's my heart

He was "beary special" and got to wear this hat. In my book, he is always beary special!

My two girls...

The oldest and the youngest!

Lunden, you can stop growing up now, thank's!

And then there was the Bren Dawg

You can stop growing up too!


Until next time...

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ginny said...

Hi April! Love the blog. Your pictures are amazing, I need to add links on my blog for all the ones I read too!