Friday, August 5, 2011

Well, I guess it's been awhile since I posted anything...I'm so ashamed! So unlike me!
 This is my sad attempt to share what we have been up to since moving back to California.
I still need to add dialogue and many more photos but this is good for now, right?

Hope everyone is enjoying their summer!

{Trip into L.A.}

{Just sitting in the car snapping pics with my itouch}

{Pool day/Curly hair day}

{my babies: Griffith park observatory}

{Got twins? Being silly with a sign at observatory}

{My girls! Overlooking Los Angeles at Observatory}

{They just HAD to take a picture of this sign. Silly twins}

{Lunden and Carsen: Dang Carsen!}

{My Lunden: Griffith park observatory}

{Logan: Spring Valley Lake pre 4th of July festivities}

{My Brennen: SMILE!}

{Emmy with Brinkley- our new kitty}

{Lunden and Logan: one of many swimming days}

{trying out a "prop"-headband}

{Lunden,April & Christy}

{Miss Emersyn Mae: Sea World}

{Brennens sense of humor shining through lol}

{My twinners: Downtown Disney with mom. Just the three of us}