Sunday, October 26, 2008

Having joy in my posterity

Our Emmy made her first successful stand!

I went to get her clothes up in her room and when I came back down,
there she was STANDING up in her playpen!!
I KNEW it was going to happen just at any moment.
Emmy has been kneeling at furniture for weeks
Then, she started placing one foot down to try and stand up but she just wouldn't do it.
I just knew...
( being an old hand at this and not comparing my child to everyone elses child)
it would be any day.

I have felt really bad because she is so little and there are so many bodies
running around our house.
She really doesn't get the quality (safe) and quantity floor time
like she ought to be getting.
I am afraid someone is going to land on her or kick her,etc.

Just goes to show how every baby has their own time table and when they are ready they will just do it no matter what....

Today was the day!

Here is another photo of her standing up yet again. I think she even suprises herself.

We are on our way to a walking baby girl!

I can't wait!!!!
Until next time.....

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WheelersFive said...

YAY for you little stander! With each baby I think things go by faster and faster don't you? Oh, and yeah that is THE pumpkin patch out here. That's a cool pumpkin patch huh? Do you know they have started charging 7 dollars for a pony ride. It's getting a little pricey.