Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Hot and Fresh and .......kinda wierd

We just happened to discover a couple weeks ago that
a Krispy Kreme would be coming to town.
They had a sign out front counting down the days.
I think the only reason we were excited about it is because this state
has nothing to offer and this establishment stands for..
"We're movin' on up" in the world!
The only decent doughnut establishment we did have was around the corner
and it closed down a year from the time it opened.
We never understood why.
It got a ton of business.e Especially from the schools...
AND it was the only doughnut shop around.
I guess that is why these people below were doing what they were doing...
Kinda wierd if you ask me.

{How come you don't see this at the grand opening of a new Golds gym?}

{Seriously? Camping out the night before?}
Opening day...
Ok, so the kid's asked me to go, so, I decided to go....
I could also say that I bought some doughnuts on opening day.
We haven't had a Krispy Kreme since leaving California....
I guess it was time.

I thought there would be a big line but there were only 2 people ahead me
{bad pic..from cell}
So, I placed my order:
a dozen doughnuts- 8 original, 2 cruellers, 2 chocolate cake
When I get my box of doughnuts and drive away
I open the box to...
No, not eat one.
To smell them!
it wasn't even my order!
A bunch of icky kinds we/I would never eat.
(if you can imagine)
So, I drive back through the drive thru and tell them what happened.
Long story short...they let me keep the undesireable dozen
and gave me the correct order. No extra charge.

{Yep, that's a Krispy Kreme..not a big deal people}

Not feeling well..
Emersyn was still able to enjoy her 1st taste of delicious goodness!

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Elena said...

I remember when one came to Orem and people camped out. The lines were crazy. The glazed donuts are amazing but the rest taste like, well, donuts. It's so far away that the temptation doesn't affect me right now. Actually, now that I'm thinking of it. . .