Saturday, October 17, 2009

An update

It has been one full week since Carsen's surgery. He has been a real trooper!
He has been living on popsicles and soups.
 He told me the other day he was sick of the popsicles. I don't blame him!
He still tires pretty easily and can't talk very much still. He has hardly eaten a thing so he has lost some weight too. Poor thing. He just doesn't want to eat.
There have been a few times when he has wanted a little brownie bite or a soft cookie or even a piece of bread and he has actually eaten them but that doesn't happen very often. All we can do is keep him hydrated mixing up the popsicle brands.
 Suprisingly, he won't  eat ice cream!
He misses school and his teacher and friends.
 We aren't sure if he is ready to head back to school next week.
 We don't need him running around and playing really hard on the playground.
So, we will see.
I will try to add a few photos of him sometime today.

***Check back for a post all about Miss Emersyn May. She is 21 months today!!!***

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