Friday, October 9, 2009

Bye Bye Tonsils!

It was an emotional day!

Here are just a few photos of our morning at the hospital.....

{sitting in the admissions waiting area. Nintendo DS in hand}

{talking to G-ma and G-pa}

{getting ready to put the lovely gown on}

{blood pressure cuff on...getting worried}

{not too sure about this}

{That face! Makes me so sad}

{so many doctors and nurses and questions}

{being wheeled away....:(  }

{Im wanting to run after him}

{moments after surgery, in recovery. He was on morphine}

{at home in his bed}

My main goal the entire time was to keep things as light and positive as possible.
It worked. Once he was rolled down the hall I lost it.
The doctor came back 20 minutes later stating everything went great.
About 10 minutes later a nurse asked one of us to go back to the recovery room. I found Carsen lying on his side, out of it and coughing a little.
 I rubbed his head and said, "mommy is here". He relaxed a little.
They had me feed him a double stick popsicle which he ate willingly. He wanted his IV off because it was bothering him but the nurse said that he needed to finish his popsicle first.
Boy, you should have seen him chow down on that thing. Taking bites even!
At this point the stress and not eating was getting to me and I started feeling woozy. Lovely. All I need is to create drama from passing out.
I told the nurse I needed to sit down and she brought me some apple juice.
One thing you must know about me is I only drink hospital apple juice! I never drink it at home but with every pregnancy/delivery I have drank them out of that dang apple juice. I don't know what it is?!
We got Carsen dressed and the nurse brought a wheel chair over...
for ME and Carsen. lol
The nurse sat me down and had Carsen sit on my lap.Carsen, being his cute self got off the bed in all of his wooziness and said, "I want to push mom".
Awww!!! My baby!
 Ben had gone to get the car so when he saw us come down the hall...both of us in the wheelchair he just started laughing.
We jumped in that car and we headed home.
Relieved that things went well and our baby boy would be tonsil and adenoid free!

Carsen is doing great actually...
He is on meds so, he is pain free.
He actually ate some soup tonight and gogurt and he has been eating tons of popsicles and gatorade.


Rachel said...

Oh yay!! I'm so glad to hear everything went well & he's feeling good. Thought of you guys all day. You were both super brave! Love you!

Joneel said...

Oh boy, I can relate to the woozy feeling. Happens to me when i see a loved one in the hospital. Glad you are all home.

Elena said...

I'm glad it went well. Such a stressful experience. What a trooper.

Kasey said...

oh goodness. so glad he is good!!!

Andy and Melissa said...

Oh man, I dont think I could do it. Por little guy not really knowing whats going on. Thats nerve wracking stuff for me, I can only imagine for a little dude. Glad he is doing good now!