Monday, October 26, 2009

Back to school --->

Today was Carsen's first day back to school since having his surgery.
He was home two full weeks.
I must say that the last few days he has been driving me bonkers.

Still, I was glad to see that he was back to his old self again.

I usually don't walk him into the school in the morning
because Carsen doesn't like me to but today, I did.
 His teacher and classmates were so excited to see him!

*On another note...
Logan made it into the preschool program at the elementary school.
They had an opening come available.
(It helps to know the teachers!)
We are so excited to have Logan follow in the footsteps of Carsen and be a part of such a wonderful class with wonderful teachers!
 Logan is SO excited! He starts on Thursday.He is bummed that he can't start today. 
 A post/pictures will follow.....


Ronald said...

YAY! Carsen! He was probably so excited to go back to school!
NOw Logan too! How fun to get some one on one time with little Emmersyn

Jacki Rich said...

That last comment was actually form ME! Not Ron... haha.. He was signed in.. sorry! :o)