Tuesday, February 17, 2009


This morning was Brennen's echocardiogram.
During his routine sport's physical last Monday (for track) the doctor thought she heard a heart murmur. So she ordered the test to be done over at the Lexington hospital. It is basically a sonogram (ultrasound) of the heart. All the chambers, aorta, etc.
I told Brennen that it isn't too often in your life that you get to see the inside of your body. So, getting to see his heart and watch it working is pretty cool. He was a little more queasy about the whole thing and the only thing he thought about it was " ugh". He said he was fine until the woman pressed on his ribcage area and she said "ok, breath". He was thinking " yeah right". He got a little uncomfortable when she had to press firmly near his neck. I saw him shift his feet around so I knew he was having some discomfort.
I mentioned to Brennen that I had to have that same test done after I had Emersyn. I had to be put back in the hospital for complications of Hypertension from delivery. (Long story)
Anyways, we should know more/results within 72 hours the tech said.
Well, I didn't think to bring my digital camera along until we were already on our way to the hospital. I had to use my cell phone so the photo is a little on the dark side.

Oh! Since this post is about Brennen...

He is running track: 200 and 400 relay

Is on Honor Roll again for this last 9 weeks

He is over 6 feet tall!

He has driven the Xterra by himself in the neighborhood with G-paw and Ben (eek!)

He is totally into his I-pod and computer and his girl friends ( eek again! )

He is a great kid. Sweet, loving, gentle and yes, a teenager with all those "fun" teenager-y quirks.

I love you Brennen!


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Kiley said...

I hope you get the results soon waiting is always the worst. It sounds like he is becoming quite the young man.