Friday, February 20, 2009

Refreshing randomness

Just some little moments captured...
Wednesday - Friday this week

{She loves using this laptop}

{her new highchair}

{Cute as a bug}


{fun at the mall}

This same day, Ben had to take Carsen to urgent care and they discovered strep throat. He is doing better now. He is on antibiotics and back to his old self...almost.


I thought this was cute because Emmy loves wearing sunglasses like mommy.


We had an Ikea day yesterday.

It just opened up in Charlotte N.C. on Wednesday. It's one our favorite places to go for the basics. There are actually some really cute things in there and some of it matches my decor/style.

{Love these dressers for the boys}

{They have great mirrors. I have one similar to this already}

{Logan found a train set to play with}

My parent's met us in Charlotte. They were heading down to celebrate Logan's birthday with us this weekend. So, we had them meet us. After Ikea the guys went to the Bass Pro shop and the girl's went to a great mall to shop. Let's just say, I spent quite a bit in Janie and Jack for Emersyn. I fell in love with a line in there. Goodness! I love having a little girl to dress up again.

I was also able to go into Nordstrom and get my Clinique lipstick and I got Lunden and I some really great lip gloss from M.A.C.. This Hello Kitty line they have right now has some great colors!

A funny story while we were at the M.A.C./Clinique counters. They have music playing and the song was Just dance by Lady GaGa. Emersyn loves music and that song so she started dancing her signature move ( prior post shows this dance video of Emmy). All the girl's thought it was so precious and were getting a kick out of her. I told them that her favorite song was by Beyonce, Put a ring on it. She will sing the "uh uh oh" part. What song comes on next?? The Beyonce song and she showed them her stuff. The girls were so giggly with Emmy. One girl said " That's right girl, you make sure you get that ring!". lol
It was cute! I love random moments like that and they happen alot when Emmy is around.

It was just a fun day and I look forward to shopping for Logan and celebrating his birthday today. His actual birthday is the 24Th. He will be 4!

Birthday pictures up next!

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Andy and Melissa said...

That is so cute about the beyonce song. I want to see it.