Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The pre birthday bash

We had an early birthday party over the weekend for Logan's 4th birthday!

We had his little party at a fun place called " Flight Deck".

It (suprise) has everything to do with airplanes. Planes on the ceiling, posters on the wall, etc. There is an arcade room and it's much less "germy" than the other option we had which was going to be Chucke Cheese.

Let's just say we haven't been there since Carsen was 1 and we were living in Victorville, Ca. We all got eye infections and vowed to never go back. Luckily, the place was packed with 50 people waiting outside to get in. So, we chose the Flight Deck instead.

**Just a side note**
The Flight Deck is also the location that John McCain used for some campaigning while here in S.C.

{having fun with daddy}

{my sweet boy}

{eating his 2nd favorite food-pizza}

{ singing Happy Birthday}

{blowing out all the different candles}

{trying to take some artsy pics of presents}

{gift card to Build-a-Bear}

{new Didj game for his Didj handheld game}

{his new V-tech pocket}

Logan got some great loot!

The party was a lot of fun and it was even more special becuase Grandma and Grandpa could be here.

Happy birthday big boy we love you!

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