Saturday, March 14, 2009

The Greatest Show On Earth!

Last night we went to the ...
Ringling Bros and Barnum and Bailey circus

(It truly is the only circus worth going to.)

I knew when I saw that the circus was coming to town that we had to go!
I have fond memories going with my family to this circus.
It is something everyone should experience, I think!
I took Lunden and Brennen to a circus when they were 2
but it wasn't the Ringling Bros and they don't remember it.
It was time for all the kids to experience this.
Even Ben hadn't been to the circus!!!!

Naturally, they have all sorts of souveniers and crap to buy.

It is all over priced but you HAVE to do it for the kids!

Carsen picked out cool light up sunglasses

Logan got his sword

And we got some cotton candy that came with a cute whimsical hat.

Obviously it didn't fit Emersyn! =)

{The opening act}

{The boys are really into it}

{Carsen said his favorite was the tigers!}

{ The elephants are so sweet }

Emersyn was enjoying the whole thing. She stayed awake the whole time and it didn't get over until 9:30 pm.
I will have to post some videos of the night.
She clapped and sang and danced and waved her hands around. So cute!
Logan says he liked the "knights on the horses" who did tricks.
Brennen liked the elephants and the chinese acrobats.
Lunden liked the acrobats.
I just enjoyed everything about the whole experience.
I really liked the "clowns" that don't really look like clowns anymore these days.
Maybe it's so they don't scare the kids. lol
It was just super fun watching the kids enjoy it!
That is what it's all about.

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Kiley said...

I love the circus. We haven't been since Alahna was a baby. Hope it comes our way sometime. Glad you had fun!