Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy 14 months on St. Patrick's Day Emmy!


Emersyn continues to be the little joy in our lives.

She is doing more and more all the time but she isn't walking yet.
She is really cute and pushes her toys all over the house.
She is really fast at walking along the furniture.
Emersyn is 26 pounds
Some cute things she is saying/doing:
"Amen" (after everyone says their prayers)
"Shhh" ( uses her finger at her lips)
"Night Night"
" Bye Bye" ( to everyone)
Squints her eyes ( her face she makes)
"I la buh" ( I love you )
She LOVES High School Musical 3
She fusses and points to her tv screen in the car so we will turn it on for her
Throws a ball/toy
Draws on paper
She has found her voice and squeals alot.
Emersyn's personality shines through more and more everyday.
She is just precious and we love her so much!
Video of
Emersyn dancing and pushing her toy
{sorry it's sideways}


Kiley said...

She is adorable! I LOVE THE DANCING!

Andy and Melissa said...

Happy Birthday - a little late. I didn't realize it was your birthday...oopps! I can't believe that your 14 month old weighs more than my 20 month old. haha, I think Sterling is going to be more like emmy though - he already weighs 14 pounds. Crazy. She is such a cutie - and I love all of her clothes!

Joneel said...

Hey, Happy Birthday back on the 5th. Noticed it after reading your blog. So, any word on Plano? My sister in law loved it there. Anyway, have a good one!