Saturday, March 21, 2009

twilight release party!

Last night and into the wee hours of the morning we were at the mall for a...


Lundens friend Samantha spent the night last night
but at 10:00 pm we headed to the mall ( Hot Topic) along with Sam's mom for a girl's night out ...

A mom does what she can! ;D


{We actually got in line fairly early but this is what it looked like behind us a little bit later...}

{And in front of us}

{ while waiting in line we noticed some rather ugly earrings at Claires. Hey, we were bored!}

The ugly earrings. I thought they looked like a ball of yarn!

The girl's called them " the balls of ugliness" lol


It was finally our turn to go inside the store. They let about 15 people in the store at one time because the store isn't that big. They played a trivia game with everyone but a few of the girl's were a little more aggressive in raising their hands to be noticed. They gave away some cool posters and we did a little shopping. Lunden got a baseball t-shirt ( baseball scene) and some magnents for her fridge and some black high top converse that she has been wanting.Nothing to do with Twilight but hey, they were cheaper than anywhere else we had been looking!

I bought the girl's these t-shirts on Wednesday
We suprised Samantha with her shirt when we took it to her house. She was so excited!

{One of the prizes for winning trivia. I think I can make these!}

{getting ready to put the dvd's out!}

After we were done shopping the girls wanted to give Edward a kiss. Samantha was too short so they were having to pull the cut out forward. It was funny. Of course, they were a little embarassed because they were doing this in front of everyone. So, it didn't work out as good as they would have hoped. lol

They had a signed copy of the book. A prize for the drawing which will happen on Monday! We made sure to fill out a bunch of forms in everyones name. It would be awsome to have the girls win something! Other prizes include a lifesize cutout of Edward. If Lunden doesn't win that, I will have to buy her one online. We have already been looking! lol

Lucky for us, someone here in Columbia ( they do a lot of filming in the Carolinas) knew someone in Hollywood and those connections brought actual costumes from the movie to the release party. There was a guard watching over actual costumes. It was pretty cool! {Bella's dress}

{Edward's jacket}


They had face painting going on once you were done with shopping in the store. They had a few things to choose from but the girl's liked the apple. Lunden got an "E" for Edward and Samantha got "EM C" for Emmett.


At midnight, they let everyone line back up to get their dvd's. I had preordered it. Double disc, film cell included. They were SO excited!!!

I think we arrived home around 1:30 am and the girl's went straight to Lunden's room to watch the movie!

It was a wonderful time and I was glad to do it for the girl's!

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Andy and Melissa said...

How cool of a mom are you! My mom used to take me to NSYNC stuff like this - I was obsessed, and we won free tickets to concerts, meet and greet passes, and were asked to be filmed for an NSYNC dvd. It was sweet how much fun we had. I will always remember how she would take me to do the fun stuff that I was so into. I'm sure Lunden will think the same of you.