Thursday, July 1, 2010

Theres no place like home?

.....I beg to differ!
Especially, when "home" is in South Carolina. Its a pretty state but
there are SO many other wonderful places to be. Fact.

So,obviously, we are home.
Not really happy about it but nonetheless we are home.
 I am also missing 2/5ths of my kids...
for 4 weeks!
Which makes it harder to be home.
 Mommies should never have to be away from their babies that long. Ever!

 OK, so....back to the trip...
We had so much fun and visiting family was so great!
I keep going back ( in my head) to our day on Coronado Island. It was perfection.
All the yummy places to eat....we will miss you! You know who you are.

I have GOT to add pictures this week. I will. I promise.
I am attacking our laundry and then maybe I will.
Later taters.

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