Thursday, July 1, 2010

Photos...part one

I got around to adding pictures today..woohoo!

These pictures are just some of our adventures while driving across country....

{The Applebarn in Pigeon Forge TN}

{Watching candy makers}

{Some of their homemade candies}

{I thought these suckers were so cool looking}

{At waffle gorgeous girl}

{Emmys favorite person...G'ma!}

{Is this up to your standards Em?}

{We stopped at Graceland..everyone writes on the wall}

{One of the kids had pulled out a}

{Gates of Graceland}

{Logans gift shop treasure}

{Emmy shopped for Elvis momentos too}

{Logan was the one who busted out the crayon to write :) }

{Carsen's turn}

It's after midnight...I will add more tomorrow.


Barlow Family said...

Looks like a great trip. I loved seeing your mom. :)

Partyof7 said...

Aww thanks! :)

Anonymous said...
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