Saturday, June 26, 2010

coming to an end...

Well, our vaycay has come to an end...

We have been in Phoenix since Thursday.
Can you say "H-O-T"?
It has been averaging about 111 degrees everyday.
 It has gotten as hot as 115! It is NOT enjoyable.
What has been enjoyable is visiting with many family members
that I haven't seen in years!
On my mom's side....
Aunt Barbie, my cousin Greg and my Uncle Dan flew/drove down.
On my dad's side....
Aunt Pattie and her daughter Lexsis already live here in the Phoenix area but I haven't seen them in about 4 years!
We have enjoyed
and today we celebrated my mom's birthday AND graduation day!
We spent most of the day over at the Cardinal's new stadium for the ceremony.

Now, we are trying to get everything packed up again...swam a little....
and leaving in the morning to head home. Waaaah!
What makes it all worse?
My twins are staying behind because on Monday they fly up to Boise Idaho to see their dad for 4 weeks!
This is a hard time for us. I do not look forward to it and they don't either.
 The twins have to say goodbye to their little siblings who miss them terribly AND
they already do not want to go to Boise. Its horrible. Having to send them away when they dont wnt to go. It makes it that much worse.
So, memories have been made but going home will not be joyous. Leaving family and familiarity and our favorite things behind....
just to go home to... "BLEH"
is not fun to think about.

I still haven't added photos. We have taken so many but I just haven't had the time. I am letting Lunden take my laptop to Idaho so I won't have a computer until I get home. Either she will add the photos or I will. Or a little of both.

As the song goes.......
"On the road AGAIN!"

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