Monday, June 21, 2010

taking it all in

This is our second week in Southern California. I am literally just taking it all in.
 Loving every moment.
The weather has been beautiful, I am enjoying my family and watching my children enjoy so many fun things. This is what life is all about. Making memories.
I have to mention the weather again. It has been amazing. Mid to upper 80's during the day and mid 50's at night. It has even been breezy our entire trip.
The evenings actually get chilly! The best part???? NO HUMIDITY!!!!
Disneyland and California Adventure were incredible. We didn't have to wait in lines for more than 15 minutes. Practically unheard of on a Saturday in June!
The kids all had the best time!
Lundens friend Carly has been with us for about a week too. It has been so much fun watching them together and making some fun memories as well. Carly even got Lunden and Brennen to go on Tower of Terror and Lunden got on the Mali-boomer at California Adventure. Brennen had already been on it once with Ben. GOOD TIMES!

We have enjoyed our favorite eating spots too. We have managed to eat at:
Souplantation, Juanita's (hole in the wall mexican..the best!!), In-N-Out and El Torito's.
We have two more days here and then we are off to Phoenix for my Mom's graduation.
Brennen is going to USC tomorrow with Grandpa and the rest of the boys and I am taking the girls to Venice Beach, I think. Lunden wants to hit up some gift shops.
Anyways, we have been busy and not alot of time has been spent online. I will add pictures from our trip soon.
Until next time.........

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