Thursday, June 4, 2009

Service with a mispelled word.I mean!

Today was 1/2 day for the kids.
On 1/2 day they don't eat lunch at school.
So, I took them to Sonic.
There, they always get the same thing...
#1 with cheese, no pickles, no onions, mustard and Ketchup only.
Lunden doesn't get tomatoes.
And instead of a soft drink
( why is it called "soft drink"?)
they both like the smoothie called
It is a blend of strawberries, bananas and orange juice.
Blended with yogurt and ice. It is actually very good.
So, as I drive around to the window to pay I notice the Sonic sign.
I noticed the "Good luck" part and scanned down to what it said. "GRADUETS".
Lunden and Brennen both heard me say " I can't believe they spelled that wrong!".
They were both like.. "what?".
I said, " The sign!".
Brennen said, " I can't believe you could see that from here!"
I had already paid for the food so I had to ask for a server to come back to the window
and I explained that the sign spelled Graduates wrong.
The girl was embarrassed and mentioned some kid had spelled it wrong.
I told them I just wanted to let them know
so that it doesn't make them look bad.....

Tonight, after the kids 8Th grade ceremony Lunden went with Samantha and her parent's to eat.
Lunden said they drove past Sonic and the sign now says
"Good luck Grads 2009"!

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Barlow Family said...

Ha ha, that's a riot!