Monday, June 1, 2009

Field Day 2009

This is the kid's last week of school!
Today, from 8-10 am was Carsens field day at school
So, Ben and I took the two little ones over to the school
so we could watch all the fun activities going on.
When we got there Carsen had already done his
racing so he was having fun dancing to the loud
music and cheering on his class!
It was getting warm but the field was surrounded by trees
and they had up canopies for each class to sit under.
Here are a few pictures from this morning!
(most of you reading this were still asleep for 2-3 more hours!)
{Carsen is excited to get to school}
{Carsen was so excited to see us here}

{the class had their own special shirts made}

{Carsen with some of his friends}

{Carsens teacher and some classmates ready to race}

{showing sissy some love}

{my soon-to-be 1st grader!}

{Hula hoop contest}

{cheering on his team but still being cool}

{Emersyn was enjoying the fun}

{watching a race}

{Logan was not sure about all of this}

{Carsen and his teacher Mrs. Drozd}

{wanting more goldfish crackers}


Barlow Family said...

Looks like fun. Carsen looks like he had a blast. Oh, and give poor Emersyn some goldfish. Cutie.

kimmcl said...

Omigosh! What little cutie pies!!!! And, I just cracked up when I heard the song - Summer Time! Great blog - so glad I checked it out. Come by and visit me sometime. Kim