Friday, May 29, 2009

Dreaming of.....

Key West
Two summers ago we came down here to Key West.
I have always wanted to see "pretty blue water".
I have been many places and lived in Europe for a couple of years during high school
but I have never been to Hawaii or islands of anykind.
After a few days at DisneyWorld Ben suprised me with a 4 day trip.
Well, the kids were with us and I was 4 months pregnant but it was great.
We were there for the 4th of July too.
It was amazing!

{We stood here}

{Its hard to tell where the sky ends and the water starts}

{Lots of little islands like this. Some you can literally walk to all the way out!}

It was completely relaxing and gorgeous.

It was very hot and humid but worth it!

I want to go back again!!

I think the one thing that did weird me out was how small we really are.

This little island, surrounded by all this water.

I was in awe!

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Elena said...

I'll join you. Sounds divine. I haven't been to any islands, yet. We were supposed to go to Hawaii for our tenth anniversary but I got pregnant with Avery and didn't want to be chubby in pictures. Hopefully this winter is our time. Cross your fingers.