Thursday, May 28, 2009

Day out

I was sitting here while the baby naps trying to think of something to blog about.
I can't think of anything,really.
I mean, we do pretty much the same things day in and day out.
1) The kids have 4 more full days of school left....
Friday. Monday. Tues. Wed.
and then Thursday and Friday are half days.
Tomorrow is the 8th grade cook-out and
yearbook sigining during school.
Next week is field day for Carsen and L&B have a ceremony to attend
in the evening of the 4th. I can't believe my babies are now highschoolers!!!
2) Emersyn is officially walking. Everywhere. It is precious.
She shuffles her feet when she walks on the wood floors like
a little old person. It's hilarious.
3) Carsen has another loose tooth.
He already looks like a jack-o-lantern.
4) Logan will be going to the elementary school
next week for his preschool assessment. We are
hoping he get's to enjoy a full year of prechool with
Ms. Body and Ms. Weed like Carsen did!
5) We will be heading over to Pigeon Forge Tenn. in a couple weeks.
We are meeting my parents there.
My parents are taking L&B on the cross country drive to California.
There they will see their cousins, Lunden's best friend,
Disneyland, Coronado Island, etc. They will be there a week or two.
I guess there is quite a bit going on with us in the near future.
We just need to get through these next few days of school!
Hope everyone is doing well!

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Elena said...

These next few days are the craziest. Have fun. We are already in the chaos that is summer. I've decided to let today be crazy (they only had 1 1/2 hours of school) but after that we start our summer routine of chores, school work and quiet times. I'm a sucker for a schedule.