Sunday, May 24, 2009

Monkey Ice

We were introduced to Monkey Ice a few month's ago.
It is so tasty!!

What IS "Monkey Ice" you ask?
Monkey Ice
Shaved Ice
Shaved ice is made with fine, fresh snow that is shaved
with either a cubed ice shaver or a block ice shaver.
Ice is never crunchy.
The flavors don't end up at the bottom of the cup either.
Most commonly called
Hawaiian Shaved Ice throughout the United States,
Sno-Balls (New Orleans),
Shave Ice (Hawaii)
or Shaver (North Carolina).
And of course it is now called Monkey Ice in South Carolina!
Monkey Ice serves more than 70 different flavors!
Some basic flavors:
Cherry, grape and orange
And even some strange flavors:
Dill pickle, frog in a blender, Barbie and red velvet cake
Cherry is the only flavor I get!
It's just simply the best!
We are going for one later today.
( I didn't realize it was almost 1am!)


Kiley said...

We had these in Oklahoma and they are soooooooo yummy!!! Where we got them you could add a "cream" to any flavor and it was so amazing! We would get one almost every day after track practice. You brought back some fun... and yummy.... memories. Thanks!

Andy and Melissa said...

I lived on shaved ice and microwave popcorn as a freshman in college... LOVE IT!