Saturday, June 6, 2009

End of school day's...

These last few day's have been emotional for me.
Carsen finished Kindergarten.
(I remember when L&B finished Kindergarten!)


Lunden and Brennen have finished middle school.

Where does the time go?!

Below are some pictures from an end of school year pool party and
L&B's 8th grade ceremony.

POOL PARTY AT "THE MILL" NEIGHBORHOOD {L&B's friend had a pool party yesterday. Lunden is 3rd from right}
{Carli, Emily,Samantha and Lunden}
{L&B are the two tallest in the middle}
{Lunden, Carli and Samantha}
{Brennens great smile}
{Lunden and Samantha}
{Being silly}

{Offiicially high school students!}
{Samantha, Bren and Lunden}

{Bren and Jenn <3}
{Meri, Lunden and Samantha}

{Lunden went with Samantha/parent's to dinner after ceremony}
{being cute}

It's offically summer!

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Andy and Melissa said...

Congrats Lunden and Brennen! Now for summer!!! Woo hoo. We should get together for some play dates. I think I'm finaly ready to really venture out more often with two kids...maybe:).