Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Summer is startin' early 'round here!

It's been a really busy couple of weeks!
Lunden and her friend Samantha wanted to have a luau/pool party
so the last week of school they handed out cute fliers to 40+ kid's.
The party was a success and a bunch of kid's showed up
AND they weather cooperated. No Storms!
I added some photos from Carsen's last day of kindergarten,
L&B's 8th grade ceremony
and some random ones of Emmy.

{Brennen not wanting his pic taken, again!}

{Tiki torches were great}

{Megan,Sam and Lunden}

{My summer cutie}


{Carsens Kindergaren class w/ Monkey Joe}
One of the boy's in the class has parents that own a Monkey Joes
So, we all got lot's of perks!

{Monkey Joe playin' with Carsen}

{Mrs. Drozd and Carsen}
{My 1st grader!!!!!}

L&B's 8th grade ceremony

We painted Emersyn's toes for the first time

{Lunden and Emmy's piggies}
{she loves the boys hats!}


Andy and Melissa said...

Her toes look so cute. I painted Stella's toes and fingers when she was a little over a week old. Haen't painted her toes since - but I have painted her fingernails. I think it is so fun to see her little hands with pink nails. I may have to do her toes again - you've inspired me with how adorable Emmy's little feet look.

Annie said...

OH MY GOSH! It looks like SUCH a FABULOUS time! all the kids are getting SO big! and they all look sooooo happy!

where is a pic of mom...??HMMM??