Monday, May 21, 2012

'Ol blue eyes

Well, we have added a new addition to our family.....

We just don't know what to name her!

The story behind our new baby:

Emersyn and I made a trip to  the animal shelter the other day.
We have been in the "market" for another pet...for two reasons:

1. We really want a husky puppy but haven't come across
any yet and I'm not forkin' out the dough for a pure bred....just yet anyways.

2. My folks moved back east for a little bit and took their dog. Which happend to be
our cat, Brinkley's best friend. He has been moping around the house since they left.
So, we wanted to find him a new best friend.

While we were at the pound we were in for a treat. It was puppy and kitty day!
Surprisingly, they had a couple of Siamese kittens. Which is rare and why I snatched up Brinkley when they had some last year. I had my eye on one of thek kittens but was really wanting to check out the puppies. I knew that IF we were to get
another cat it would have to be that breed. We just weren't sure if we wanted Brinkley to have to share time and attention with another cat.


Emmy and I headed toward the room where the puppies/small dogs reside. Low and behold in the first kennel there was a German Shephard puppy. I grew up with a Shephard and this pup looked liked the puppies our German Shephard would have. I was in love! Emmy was in love!
He whimpered and whined for us. He had puppy breathe! Oh, the puppy breathe!
 At that moment, I didn't care that he wasn't a husky.
We went up front to ask about him and to our dismay he was already being adopted!
Emmy was devistated!

I tried consoling her and told her that we needed to go get Lunden and the boy's at school but
we would come back after getting them and show everyone the kittens, at least! We secretly hoped that the puppy was not adopted and he would be ours
 but when we went back the kennel the pup was in, was empty.
So, we went back to the kittens and we decided on this precious little Siamese kitten.
One of the ladies that helped us noticed that we all had blue eyes and she said,
" Well this kitten is going to fit right in with all of these other beautiful blue eyes!!"

She is just a tiny little thing. She can't be more than 4-6 weeks.
 Brinkley isn't too sure about her but he worries about her
and wants to play with her so badly. He just isn't sure why she is so tiny.
He bat's at her like she is a mouse.
 she is in awe of this BIG cat hovering around her.


All we need now is a name for her.
 We have a list but nothing has been decided on yet...

Bluebell, Lulubell,Tallulah, Paisley, Brea, Liberty....

Any suggestions?? Leave a post!


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