Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Homecoming 2011

Yup, it's me again.....
I've got so much on my plate right now so bare with me if
I don't update as much as I would like right now.

I just had to post the photos of Lunden's dress for Homecoming
as well as photos of that night.
So much fun!
Ok, so here we go....

These few photos are actually from Halloween night.
My sister and nephews came up and we took some
just-for-the-heck-of-it photos.
Lunden wore her homecoming dress this night for a little while
 but she didn't want to post these
photos until after homecoming.
Yes, the dress was top secret!

{Lunden and her cousin Hunter|

{Silly cousins}


Ok, so these next couple of photos are
of Lunden getting dolled up.
 I took Lunden to our salon to
get "rock star" nails done. All sparkly & glittery.
While she was getting her nails done the girl doing her nails
was talking to the make-up artist for the salon and asked
if she had time to do Lunden's make-up for homecoming.
Free! Complimentary! So sweet!

It was a lot of fun watching Lunden get all glam!
She literally looked like a model. Actually, she looked like a mermaid
with her long blonde hair and the blue's that the artist used on her eyes.


The homecoming theme:

Lunden looked stunning and although I am a wee bit biased...
Lunden and Steve were the cutest couple in the bunch.
Lunden's dress was multi-colored blues. Simply stunning.
Perfect for the homecoming theme.She knew exactly what dressed she wanted
and went on the hunt for it. Found it online and...
 Grandma was more than thrilled to buy it for her "Twinkle"

This was Lunden's first homecoming dance
 And unlike Prom last year, she actually recieved
a wrist corsage from Steve. Way to go Steve! You done good.

I thought I would add a few photos of the kid's before the dance.
It was so much fun getting Lunden ready for this special moment.

Enjoy the photos!

{Steve & Lunden}

Lunden and I giggled because I had to help pin the flower to
Steves shirt. Just as I did on her date for prom last year.
Those suckers are hard to pin on!

{My Lunden. Stop growing up!}

{Freezing outside}

{Lido, Steve and Ellis}

{The girl's}

Until next time....

Be the reason behind someone's smile!

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