Sunday, June 5, 2011

My June bugs

June has been so busy already!

Between final days of school, end of year parties, and getting together with
friends from church and the community I have been packing like crazy for our trek west.
Considering the fact that we were supposed to be in California already, I am actually glad I have had a little bit more time to pack and prepare.
The kid's all got to finish the school year as well so that was great.

This is our final week in South Carolina.
I must say that I am not that sad about it. Is that bad?
I know that is sad to say but the last 4 years has been crazy. Very crazy. 
 The kids and I are very greatful for the opportunity to move back out west.  We will be closer to family and friends in California and surrounding states.
I am taking things one day at a time. And I do know that what is meant to be, will be. No matter where I am. I know that opportunity does exist in different places.
 In the meantime,  California will take care of the six of us..

I just thought I would share some photos of my most favorite people, ever!

 {Miss Emersyn Mae}

 { Brennen-Last day of school}

 { Lunden and Brennen- friend's pool party}

 { Brennen & Lunden- going away party at church}

 { Logan and Carsen-Final walk down the hall of LMES}

 {Carsen and Logan-Last day of school}

 {Carsen- Last day of school party}

 {Lunden- all thug-like}

 {Lunden- Isle of Palms, S.C.}

 {Lunden- @ graduation party for a friend}

 {Marissa & Lunden- One of many sleep-overs}

 { Carsen & Logan- Last day of school. Bye LMES!}

{Logan- Last day of school party}

Be on the look out for more photos of our final days here in S.C.. Gotta snap photos of the things/people/places we will definitely miss.
(I think that will be a short blog. LOL)

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