Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Itouch pictures

So, I just got a new itouch for Mother's day. I LOVE IT!
I just had to share some photos (of me) that I took with it the past week or so.
I think I may need to get the iphone eventually.
This thing is my "baby".
I promise to get back to posting more updates/photos of my babies soon.

Oh, hey...Did I mention we only have 4 more days and then we move back to California?

P.S. For those of you LDS friends....
don't go all psycho and judgemental because you see me wearing a black bathing suit cover up.


Elena said...

Tee hee. I like your last comment. Our Sunday school lesson a couple days ago was on being hypocrites. Unrighteous judgements - etc. Something I try not to do anyway. So, I saw your picture and I thought, "Oh, that girl has been through a lot lately. I won't judge because I don't know what she's been through." Then I read your comment and laughed. Regardless of what you wear, I hope you have plenty of people to hug you.

April_Pie said...

Thanks Elena. :) It's funny because Lunden and I were talking about being hypocrites as well. So many walk through the chapel doors one way and are completely different outside. Lunden wears tank tops and those cuter short shorts from hollister. She isn't going to change because she's around kids from church who dont. Many of the girls actually were proud of her for being that way. No parent has the right to judge my child OR me. I love ya girl.