Thursday, June 3, 2010

Pearly shells

We have had a particular Disney sing-along dvd/video in our family library
 since Lunden and Brennen were 2 years old.
It's called: 
 Mickeys Beach party
 The kids are hypnotized by it! lol
It's great for long car rides!

This particular song is one of Emersyn's favorite and the reason for my post/pictures today.
Watch it
{You will need to scroll down and stop my music from playing}

Today, when Carsen came home from school ( his last day)
he had a lei and a hula skirt with him. They had an end of school hula party.
Emersyn snatched that lei up as quick as she could and started singing the
"Pearly Shells" song
I snatched a bunch of pictures while she sang......

{Her cute face and she began moving her arms}

{too close to see her arms}

{"shining in the sun".....}

{"For every grain of sand upon the beach..I've got a kiss for you"}

{still singing

{While singing she saw a}

I will try to get a video of her singing this song.....

Happy Summer vacation everyone!

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