Wednesday, May 26, 2010

It's official

Last night was Logan's year end party/graduation from 4 year Kindergarten.
It was a lot of fun watching them sing songs, be silly and take pictures with their friends and teachers.

I wanted to share some photos from last night....

{It's graduation time!}

{Best buds}

{Gonna lose your plate there bud}

{The kids were singing a cute song}

{ Thumbs up, elbows back.."a toody ta"}

{singing their goodbye song...yeeehaw!}

{lil stud}

                                 {It is time to say goodbye to all my friends...}

{ YEEHAW! So glad I caught this!}

{ his certificate }

{Ms. Bodie and Ms.Weed have taught both Carsen and now Logan}

{Lookin' mighty grown-up}

{My girl's}

{Emmy kisses}

{My 5 }

{Brennens best friend}


{Climb every....mountain?}

{Photo shop fun}

{Pure joy on Emmy's face...Brennens..not too sure}

{ I could just eat her up}

{Thats mah girl!}

{ Can't resist taking pictures of her}

{photo shop fun...again}

{Love it}

These last 3 are out of order...very unlike me!
These were too cute and I had to add them.

{kissing Carsen}

{classic Carsen}

{Just a darn cute picture!}


Elena said...

Such cute kids. And great pictures.:) I have a cute almost kindergartner, too. If you're ever in Utah we should get them all together.:)

Partyof7 said...

That would be a blast Elena! I promise to let you know if we ever make it to Utah! :)