Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Spring Break 2010

Our spring break visit to California was wonderful!
Alot of "firsts" and alot of memories were made.
There was so much we didn't get a chance to see or do
and many friends and family that we didn't get to see.
I knew that the week was going to go by so incredibly fast. And it did.
Me,getting sick didn't help matters much either. 

We miss living in Southern California and it still feels like home
even after being gone 3 years ( tomorrow).
 We could literally take a deep, deep breath in California.
No, it wasn't a smoggy day the entire time we were there!
The air in the south is SO much more thick and humid and it was full of pollen,everywhere, when we left South Carolina.
It was just a refreshing trip. For all of us.

I will pretty much let the pictures speak for themselves.....

{just arrived at our hotel}

{Lunden- @ Aunt Cheryl and Uncle Richards home}

{Lunden and Carly-Cheryl and Richards house for dinner and FHE}

{Cousins-Hailey and Emmy. Meeting for the 1st time}

{Hailey and Emmy}

{Grandma Ruthann meeting Em for the 1st time}

{we visited with my sister, Christy and her boys too}

{The 4 oldest cousins}

{They hadnt seen eachother in almost a year}

{4 little cousins}

{gorgeous California poppy outside our hotel}

{Sharing a Jamba Juice @ Victoria Gardens}

{Lunden and Carly}

{Carsen lookin' mighty cute}

{Lunden and Courtney}
Courtney and Jessica are the daughters of my best friend, Jacki.
 We have known eachother for 35 years!
 Lunden and these sweet girls have been friends since they were 5!
They had a great time hanging out. 

{Emmy @ California Adventure}
Looking adorable in her Matilda Jane

{Outside California Adventure- Letters spell out California}
She posed like this all on her own! ;)

{Fun day at California Adventure!}

{Lunden and Carly}


{Brennen showing Carsen how to pose}

{my goof ball Carsen on the pier}

{Gorgeous day in Santa Monica}

{my goofs}

{4 of my 5}

{Heading under the pier for some pics}

{Emmy getting after the boys}



{Lunden snapped this shot}

{All 5 togther..looking at the camera!!}

{The little guys}

{love to hear the waves crashing}

Our flight out from LAX was an early 6 am flight. Brennen was reading and Emersyn decided to plop herself down on the suitcase next to Brennen. :)
As our plane flew over the pacific ocean, there was just enough light to see the waves crashing on the beach {sigh}
It was difficult to leave California.
 I joked with Ben that he would have to throw us on the plane kicking and screaming.
Well, he didn't have to do that but a few tears were shed upon our departure.

We will miss our friends and family
but look forward to another fun filled trip again soon!


Elena said...

Looks like a fun time. I'm glad you were able to go. Were the two cousin boys Christy's sons? You have such a cute family.

Andy and Melissa said...

I cry when I leave there too... Lunden looks like a model in all of those pics! I am glad you guys had a fantastic time. I love california adventure. It is so much fun!!! ANd I love Jamba juice. Andy and I are always wishing they had one out here!

Joneel said...

I loved all your pictures. I am sad we didn't get to meet up with you. We could have met up at Disneyland even. Boo Hoo