Sunday, April 11, 2010

One wonderful week...

We spent our last full day out in Santa Monica on the pier/beach.
Here are a few photos for now....

This shot turned out great!

{Carsen was walking by himself...great shot}

{Miss Emersyn May..toes in the sand}

{Lunden...looks like a Hollister photo!}

{Logan...looking at the lady bugs in the sand}

{My little guys looking awfully cute}

{Lunden up on the pier}

The weather was perfect...
We visited friends and family.
We went to Disneyland and California Adventure.
We ate at most of our favorite places!
Oh, how I love to have choices! Choices, I tell you!
I actually got sick mid trip.
I had no voice at all Wednesday and Thursday.
Today (Sunday) I have a full blown head cold/cough.
Being jet-lagged and sick is NOT a fun combination.

Still, it was very difficult to leave "home".
We look forward to heading back out to California this summer!!
Although one week was wonderful...
it couldn't make up for the 3 years we have been gone.

Check back for more posts and pictures, soon!

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