Monday, April 26, 2010

sick baby = tired mama

I will be back up and running soon....

My Emmy has been pretty sick the last few days.
She was diagnosed with an ear infection about 2 weeks ago. So, she was put on antibiotics.
Not two days after finishing her meds
 she woke up in the middle of the night with a very high fever.
I took her to urgent care on Sunday morning, first thing.
The doctor said her right ear was still infected.
So, we were given a stronger antiobiotic.
All day Sunday and all through the night she was miserable.
Tylenol and Motrin were not working very well.
When I returned home this morning from dropping kids off at school and going to the gym
Ben was sitting with Emmy and she was asleep.
She looked so cute with her little hands folded under her chin. She was miserable.
 She got really hot again.
This time, her tempwas 103.3!
Long story short...
I got her into her pediatrician.
 Motrin had kicked in and she was singing "It's a small world" for the waiting room. 
She was hopping around the exam room too.
Can you imagine how we would feel with a temp of 103.3 and motrin just kicking in?

 Sure enough...
her right ear was pussy and her throat was really red and irrited.
 Either tonsilitis or strep.
Instead of 3 days on the azithromycin she will be on 5.

I will be back on to post things the week or weekend.

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Elena said...

Poor baby. I hate when they are sick. It breaks my heart. I hope the meds kick it quickly and she feels better soon.