Saturday, April 24, 2010


Last night, we were out as a family having dinner.
We needed milk and we were out of our Cold Stone ice cream
So, we decided that on our way home we would stop in the shopping center that has both a Foodlion (grocery store) and Cold Stone.
While parked at Cold Stone we heard sirens on the main street behind it. 
Whatever the issue was, it was CLOSE. 

To our suprise this is what we saw......

A huge plume of smoke.
Back there behind those buildings you see is an apartment complex.
Which houses my very good friend and her family.
My immediate reaction was to call my friend.
 Since, it was a Friday night, I wasn't sure if they were home... safe
 or if they even knew what was going on?
Perhaps they were out and about, like us.
She didn't answer her cell for awhile.
Which made me worry more.

The smoke and ash consumed the area quickly.
Of course, nothing interesting much goes on here so...
Everyone and their brother and second cousin were out watching.
It doesn't help that there is a movie theater
and a couple of restraunts right next to the apartment complex.
It was the excitement for the night, I suppose.

The other issue we had was the fact that  this complex houses
 a few families from church.
I finally got a call from my friend and they were fine.
 Shaken, but fine.
The fire was immediatley across from them.
I was so greatful it wasn't their building and wanted her to know
 that we were here for them.
You see, they aren't from around here either. They are pretty much "alone" too.
Her family is in Southern California as well.
We are very lucky to have a church family with some pretty special people in it.

While driving home, I called one of my other friends from church. She didn't answer her cell right away but as soon as I got home I got on facebook.
I  added a status about the fire and our fellow church friends affected.
Nobody knew about the fire or who it was affecting but....
 many saw the facebook status and immediatley got to work calling me, talking via fb and getting a headcount for all of our church members involved.

We are truly blessed to live in a time where we can communicate so easily and quickly!
When used for doing good,
 the internet is such a wonderful tool!

At this point, everyone is accounted for
and none of our church friends were harmed.
 Their particular apartment buildings weren't damaged.

It breaks my heart that so many people.....
families,children and pets WERE affected.

Do these people have families to turn to? Friends?
Money to pay for a hotel/motel? Renters insurance?

Children lost their toys, clothes, maybe a favorite blanket or teddy bear.
Many of us want to help. 
Hopefully, we will know what we might be able to do.

We took the opportunity last night to...
refresh our kids minds about fire safety.
 We now have an official fire plan.
Now, we need to invest in a few fire ladders for our second floor.
Just one of those things you let slip and don't think about
until something like this happens.

Take this post as a reminder to:
check fire alarms/replace batteries and have a fire plan in place.


Joneel said...

I'm so grateful my daughter has a church family too! Don't know what I'd do without you.

CarCarTM said...

you got some very good pictures! nice job! :)