Friday, January 1, 2010


We have been in West Virginia visiting my parents...
They had a blizzard a few days before Christmas so, that snow was still on the ground.
The boys were SO excited to get out in the snow. It was pretty crunchy/hard because it was older snow but they didn't care. They tried to make snow angels and make snowballs.

The night before New Years eve it snowed a few inches. On top of what they already had.
It made for some GREAT fun!
 It was really all of the little ones first snow experience.
Living in California it didn't snow all that often and the boys wouldn't have remembered it anyways.

We thought this cake was so cute. It was pretty de-lish too!



Annie said...

AWWWWWW soooo adorable!!!i bet you guys had so much fun!
**NOW i realize why you are not answering your phone! LOLOLOL....
you'll have a couple messages!

Cooksey said...

My cousins are so cute!! I need to comment more often because I read your blog all the time. Love the pictures. Muah!