Tuesday, January 12, 2010

*Potty mouth*

Ok, seriously, HOW cute is this picture?!!!!

Daddy picked out a potty chair for Emmy the other day....
it wasn't the one I would've picked out but...lol
Little Miss Emersyn has gone potty in her potty chair at least once a day now. Yay!
Seriously, I have gone through this with 4 other kids.
 She will be in panties when she is darn good and ready and I really don't care when that is.
Lunden and Brennen were exactly 3, Carsen was 4 and Logan was 3 1/2.
Still, it is super cute just watching her.

BTW: Emersyn will be 2 on Sunday!

More pictures to follow....


Joneel said...

THAT IS SO DARN CUTE!!! What a sweetie.

Elena said...

So funny because I believe the exact same thing. Give them the opportunity but let them do it when they are good and ready. I learned that the hard way when I pushed too hard with my second and he started stuttering. So, from that point on, I've gone with their time table.

Annie said...

ohhh myyyy gosh!!!!!! that is the most DARLING picture of her face!!!! she looks sooo goregeous and girly and "bigger"!!!!!! awwww..... i remeber when she was soooo little!!! STOP GROWING!
good luck on the potty!