Tuesday, November 10, 2009

random,precious moments...

I just got back from taking 4 out of 5 kids to school...
Today, at the elementary school Logan and Carsen will be getting the H1N1 vaccine. I feel SO bad  that I won't be there to hold them on my lap and comfort them. :(
Good thing is...they will be vaccinated.
Now, I just need to get Emmy in for the vaccine.

I just have to say how blessed I am. I have some pretty terriffic and precious children.
I am greatful for the 5 I have.
  I am greatful that they have eachother to play with
and love on and learn how to get along with eachother.

It is so wonderful to have Emersyn all to myself for a few hours in the morning.
 Next year, it will be the two of us all day.
It is sad though when Lunden gets out of the car to go to school.
 Emersyn will say "Bye Sissy" and wave and sometimes cry.
It made Lunden cry one morning.
She LOVES her sissy so much.
I am greatful for the connections that my 5 children have with one another.
 I am greatful that I can be an example to my children
but they don't have to focus on my every move or adult conversations
 because they have siblings to help occupy some of their time.

Can you tell I am a proud mama?

I can't believe that Emersyn turns 22 months a week from today!
Oh, how she loves to count! Up to ten.
She is just a little angel.
My friends with children can't believe how sweet she is to other children.
She shares her toys, says "Hi" to them and is oh so sad when her friends have to go home.

Last night, while rocking Emmy in her room, I was singing our nightly songs to her.
She loves "twinkle twinkle little star" and puts her hands up to act like a star in the sky. Hearing little ones sing is heaven to me. Emersyn's soft little voice melts my heart.
I started singing "Im so glad when daddy comes home" to her. I sang it once and when I started singing it again she started crying. It was so sad. She misses her daddy, I think. She is so tender.

last night, the kids ( all 5) and I played "duck,duck goose". Seriously, funny! Instead of running around the circle the boy's were taking off and running around my formal dining room.
It was hilarious.
I just love my kids!

Oh goodness...these are the days!
I could share precious moments like this all day long....

Until next time!

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Kristi said...

Sounds like you are having lots of fun! Emersyn looked so cute in her Halloween costume! They all did though. I hope this construction thing gets taken care of.