Monday, November 9, 2009

Do you mind?????

So, with the time change my boys have been waking up around 6 am every morning.
I have had to remind them that mommy will come wake them up for school when it is time.
Otherwise, the have every light on in the house and they are being too noisy.
Well, this morning at 5:50 am I was woken up by rumbling trucks and tractors outside.
See, we have new construction still going on around our home.
We keep telling ourselves...
Just a few more houses to build. Thank goodness!
Maybe its the lack of sleep I have been getting the past few months?
 Or the lack of a husband around week after week because he is on business?
Or the fact that these construction workers have done this a few times,
this early in the morning.
 I am just a little......
Mommy'd out, impatient, tired, need a break, a vacation, support, help, friends, family.
You get the idea....
So,needless to say,the ruckus behind my bedroom wall was more than I could take.
 Not to mention that Emersyn's room is on the 2nd floor,
same side, so she has got to hear this noise too.
I get up, get dressed,turn of the house alarm and walk out my front door.
 I  walk around the side of the house where this noise has been coming from.
The noise, was a forklift coming off of a bigger truck and the man driving the forklift was  picking up and placing pallettes of sod ( grass) down. When I got out there the guy was up on top of the bigger truck and
I said, " Excuse me....WHY are you doing this so early in the morning?"
 He decided to tell me he didn't think there was a problem.
I said, "I understand you are doing your job but can you not hear the noise you are making at 6 in the morning?! This is my house ( pointing to my house) and my baby and I sleep behind right behind those walls, on this side of the street!".
He did apologize and said he was trying to "beat traffic".
Traffic is something you do not see on the highways of South Carolina.

Wanna see traffic?
I will take you to the 15 freeway from Los Angeles to the base of the Cajon pass on  Friday at 4 pm when people are heading to Vegas for the weekend!

I then asked who it was that wanted him in our neighborhood this early in the morning to deliver sod. He claimed he didn't know. He apologized and I walked back into my house.

Ben is in NY this week so, I called and told him about it this morning.
He knew who to call and needless to say...
construction of anykind isn't supposed to start until 7am (duh).

I think I spoke for quite a few people in our neighborhood this morning.
I'm just stupid...I mean.....tough enough to go out...
 in my morning glory to say something!

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Elena said...

Argh! I'm grumpy for you. Hope you get a good morning's sleep tomorrow. And tell Ben to bring home the bacon and then stay home to eat it with you! (I know, he has to work. But that's gotta be tough. )